Can I water the flowers in winter?

Published: 2024-06-16 Author: mysheen
Last Updated: 2024/06/16, Can I water the flowers in winter?

Do flowers need to be watered in cold weather? let's share with you whether we can water flowers in winter.

Watering the flowers and trees is not enough. They should be watered timely according to the changes of seasons and weather. Hot summer avoid watering around noon, because at this time the soil temperature is high, and the temperature difference between the soil temperature and the water temperature is large, at this time watering will suddenly reduce the soil temperature, and the roots of flowers and trees will be stimulated by low temperature, which will immediately hinder the normal absorption of water. So hot weather should be watered before 10:00 in the morning or after 05:00 in the evening. On the contrary, in the zone where there is no permafrost in winter, the flowers and trees cultivated in the open field should be watered around noon in winter. It is better to be watered after 10:00 in the morning to 04:00 in the afternoon in spring and autumn.

The vast area north of the Yellow River Basin in China is cold in winter. Before the soil freezes, the cultivated flowers and trees should be fully watered with "frozen water" to maintain soil moisture and make the flowers and trees survive the winter. At the beginning of soil thawing in early spring, we should also irrigate enough "green water" in time to promote the germination of flowers and trees.

What kind of water is suitable for flowers and trees? In theory, Rain Water, who has the ability to collect Rain Water and snow water, especially thunderstorm, Rain Water contains nitrogen that can be absorbed by plants due to the electrochemical effect of discharge. However, due to environmental pollution, the emergence of acid rain, plants in frequent areas have been seriously harmed, so Rain Water and snow water in seriously polluted areas can not collect and water flowers. Seriously polluted river pond water and highly mineralized groundwater should not be used to water flowers. Household rice panning water, salt water and spicy water with grease can not water the flowers. In general, watering flowers with tap water or potable well water is both convenient and convenient.

Before watering the flowers with tap water or potable well water, you should bask in the water 1 / 2 days in advance. The advantage of doing so is to volatilize the chlorine in the tap water and raise the water temperature. Especially when indoor flowers and trees are watered in winter, the water temperature should be kept consistent with the room temperature so that the flowers and trees will not be hurt. For example, cuckoos bloom during the Spring Festival, adding to the festive atmosphere, but cuckoos have slender roots and are very sensitive to changes in soil temperature. if they are directly watered with undried tap water, they will easily cause fallen leaves and flowers.