How often do orchids are watered? The watering time and key points of orchids?

Published: 2024-06-16 Author: mysheen
Last Updated: 2024/06/16, How often do orchids are watered? The watering time and key points of orchids?

How often do orchids are watered? Orchids can also be called orchids, national fragrances, empty valley fairies, racemes with several or many flowers, with white, pure white, white-green, yellowish green, yellowish brown and so on, and juxtaposed with plum, bamboo and chrysanthemum. In May 1985, the orchid was rated as the fourth of the top ten famous flowers, so today the editor will talk about the maintenance points of the orchids that are loved by flower friends, as follows.

How often do orchids are watered?

In the process of cultivating orchids, if they are watered too frequently or too much water every day, it will cause wounds to the orchid plants. relatively speaking, it can make the orchid plants slightly dry for a few days and will not die. The correct watering method is as follows: when the basin soil is completely dry and all the soil in the flowerpot is dry, it should be watered thoroughly until water is discharged from the drainage hole at the bottom of the basin. If there is excess water coming out of the tray, the excess water should be poured out in time. For plants that prefer wetting, such as green pineapple and netted grass, you can increase the number of watering times when the temperature is above 17 degrees.

Second, the best watering time for orchids

When watering orchids in spring, summer and autumn, it is better to water orchids before 9 o'clock in the morning, and avoid watering at night, because the water in the watering soil at night cannot be dispersed, and the water may remain on the leaves or plants, resulting in root rot or leaf rot and so on. it's easy to cause infection. If the temperature is relatively high in the evening in the hot season, you can water it in the evening or in the evening to avoid watering at noon. Winter hibernating plants should pay attention to less watering.

Matters needing attention in watering orchids

When watering, do not only water a little, so that the soil on the surface is moist, it is not conducive to plant growth, watering a little water is only enough to wet the surface of the soil, the roots can not absorb water, easy to cause plant yellow leaves and Fusarium wilt. Therefore, each watering should be thoroughly watered to avoid watering half of the water.