It's a pity that flowers can be thrown away directly. Flowers can be remedied.

Published: 2024-06-20 Author: mysheen
Last Updated: 2024/06/20, It's a pity that flowers can be thrown away directly. Flowers can be remedied.

The weather is cold in winter, and the flowers planted are often frozen. Today, I would like to share with you.

1. The performance of flowers

First of all, in terms of color, frozen flowers, the original green leaves, the color will become lighter, the overall appearance, light brown; second, on the leaf surface, there will be folds, leaves become wilted, lifeless, or even fallen leaves. When it is found that plants have these two conditions in winter, they are usually the same.

2. The treatment methods after flowers.

Generally speaking, flowers can be divided into two cases: frozen and frozen to death, but there is still hope of salvage. It is only said that some of the roots have not been frozen, and as long as they are saved in time, nutrients can be supplied normally.

If you freeze to death, that means the plants are frozen from the inside out. If it's frozen to death, there's no chance of living. Generally speaking, herbs are relatively unfrozen, and it is difficult to recover after being frozen. Woody plants will show deciduous leaves after being frozen, but there is hope that they will sprout again in the coming year.

When many people see their own flowers and plants, they move the flowers directly to a warm place, which is wrong.

The flowers can be treated according to the degree of:

Slight flowers should be moved to a position where the temperature is about 5 degrees Celsius above zero to ease up. This process may take some time and should not be rushed. After all, it takes time for plants to heal themselves, and it must not be watered during this period of time.

Heavy flowers, treatment methods, and certainly different from mild treatment methods, at this time what branches and leaves, we do not expect, the top priority at this time is to protect the roots, to ensure that after a period of time, flowers can re-germinate.

Cut off the frozen branches and leaves to see if the stems and roots are still alive, then apply some to dry them to prevent infection, and then wait until the soil in the flowerpot is completely dry before watering it. Then quietly wait for it to sprout the next spring.

In addition, if you are frozen by the cold wind on the way to buy flowers in winter, you can also deal with it according to the slight treatment method, but if the freezing is more serious, you can also deal with it this way, but the part cannot be restored. You can only expect the parts that don't exist to sprout again, so don't give up.

! So much for sharing with you. In the future, it will be about the treatment of flowers, which requires us to pay attention to observing weather changes and preventing frost damage. Only in this way can we grow flowers well in winter.