Management methods of domestic flowers in midsummer

Published: 2024-06-16 Author: mysheen
Last Updated: 2024/06/16, Management methods of domestic flowers in midsummer

The potted flowers whose roots have not been changed for a long time because the old roots are coiled in the basin, the soil is less, not ventilated, and it is difficult to seep water. In the case of high temperature evaporation intensity, the plant is easy to die due to lack of water. Therefore, we should dig up the plant before the hot weather, cut off part of the edge of the old root, and then replace it with fertile pond mud or mountain mud, increase the space between the root and the basin wall, and promote the flowers and trees to grow well. In addition, if the basin is too small, you can increase the use of pots when changing soil, which is beneficial for flowers and trees to spend the summer.

Transposition should be adjusted according to the various characteristics of flowers and trees. The balcony in the south and west has long light time and high temperature, so it is suitable to put flowers and trees that like sunshine and heat resistance, such as jasmine, Michelia, pine, cypress, cactus, a bunch of red, pomegranate, plum, elm, orange, chrysanthemum, Catharanthus roseus, mulberry and other flowers. Shady and heat-shy ones such as orchids, camellias, cuckoos, roses, orchids, tortoise bamboos, asparagus, brown bamboos, cyclamen, inverted golden bells, Jiuli incense and geraniums should be moved to the north or east balcony to avoid excessive sun exposure.

Sunshade and rain-proof orchids, gentleman orchids, camellias and roses are afraid of direct sunlight, so they should be placed in a ventilated place or under the shade, and lianas can be planted on the balcony, such as grapes, firecrackers, honeysuckle, red coral, melons, etc., with bamboo or other things traction sunshade, the effect is excellent. Begonia, Michelia, magnolia, cyclamen, crab claw orchid, geranium, camellia, magnolia and other roots are easy to rot in the middle of summer, so they need to be placed in a position to protect themselves from the rain.

Three-dimensional watering, proper fertilization and summer watering should adopt the three-dimensional watering method, that is, watering the roots once in the morning and once in the evening, and spraying leaf branches with clean water at noon to make the plant absorb water and cool down. For vigorous growth and flowering flowers and trees can be diluted once a month mature liquid fertilizer, peanut bran liquid fertilizer is the best, can also be applied a variety of flower fertilizer, such as compound fertilizer and so on.

Proper pruning of branches and leaves can reduce water evaporation and the occurrence of diseases and insect pests.