Skills and matters needing attention in Family Flower Culture

Published: 2024-06-24 Author: mysheen
Last Updated: 2024/06/24, Skills and matters needing attention in Family Flower Culture

Family breeding flowers should be selected according to the existing living conditions, to comprehensively consider the space, lighting and ventilation conditions, as well as the time of the owner, to choose suitable flowers, some flowers are suitable for shading environment, some flowers like the sun. It is not so easy for families to raise flowers. Let's sort it out. I hope it can help you.

Skills of raising Flowers in Family

Family breeding flowers should pay attention to Xiyang flowers, according to its growth habits to breed, it can not stand shady environment, such as pomegranate, rose, cactus and so on, these flowers are suitable for planting in good lighting or in front of the building.

For flowers that like shade, such as green pineapple, begonia, etc., you can put them on the indoor balcony where the light is moderate.

Family farmed flowers can only choose what kind of flowers to plant according to their own lighting conditions, which can please the body and mind and bring a warm atmosphere to the family.

Family breeding flowers should choose suitable flower varieties, flower beginners should not buy flower seedlings or seedlings for family breeding, but should choose flowers with long pot time, stable growth and glossy leaves.

Matters needing attention in Family Flower Culture

In addition, family breeding flowers should also be paid attention to, and flowers that emit harmful gases should be kept carefully and should not be maintained indoors, so as not to be harmful to the human body. Such as pine and cypress, geranium, five-colored plum, jade cloves, will have a bad impact on people, easy to cause allergic reactions, make people asthma, depressed mood. Night lilacs produce a lot of exhaust at night, which may cause discomfort in patients with high blood pressure or heart disease, so don't keep it indoors for too long.