How to keep edible fungi fresh?

Published: 2024-06-20 Author: mysheen
Last Updated: 2024/06/20, How to keep edible fungi fresh?

Fresh edible fungi sell well in the market, but how to keep them fresh is a problem. Today, I would like to share with you how to keep edible fungi fresh.

1. Three methods of keeping Pleurotus ostreatus fresh

1. Take fresh Pleurotus ostreatus without mildew and aging, rinse with clean water and remove impurities. In the process of rinsing, turn and handle gently to avoid breaking. Then put it into boiling water, remove it clockwise with a leaky spoon, put it into the sieve, drain the water and directly into the polyethylene food bag, seal the mouth of the bag (pay attention to not touching water droplets inside and outside the mouth of the bag), put the mushroom bag into plastic food box or wooden box (carton), store it in cold storage (temperature is-18 ℃), take out at any time, sell or deep processing.

two。 After Pleurotus ostreatus is harvested, wash off the sediment immediately, put it in a 0.5mm thick polyethylene plastic bag and pack it in a sealed package. Under the condition of 0 ℃, it can be kept fresh for 15 to 20 days, with no change in nutrition and weight.

3. After harvesting, Pleurotus ostreatus was cleaned and packaged, irradiated with 100000 rad cobalt 60 rays and stored at 0 ℃, the fresh-keeping time could be extended to 31 days.

II. Fresh-keeping method of volvariella volvacea

Put the paper-plastic composite bag with microholes and put the straw mushroom without opening the umbrella (the mushroom body is full and full, the appearance is conical, the top is grayish brown) into it, and keep it fresh under 15 ℃-20 ℃ for 2 hours.

3. Two ways to keep Lentinus edodes fresh

1. First, the box is lined with moisture-proof paper, the seams of the box are pasted with pig blood Kraft paper, and a certain amount of desiccant such as quicklime is put into the box (wrapped in a cloth bag). This method makes it difficult for the eggs of insect pests to breed because of the lack of suitable temperature and humidity. it can be preserved for one year, and the color and aroma of Lentinus edodes remain unchanged.

two。 Store fresh and clean Lentinus edodes in cartons (which must be lined with double-layer moisture-proof paper and a layer of plastic film). The water content of Lentinus edodes should not exceed 3%. The carton with a volume of 0.2 cubic meters should contain 10 kg of dried Lentinus edodes. It can be stored for 1-6 months in an air-conditioned room of 13 ℃-17 ℃, and can be stored for more than half a year in a low-temperature cold storage of 13 ℃-14 ℃. If the relative humidity of the air-conditioning room and cold storage is less than 55%, and equipped with exhaust fans and moisture absorbers, shiitake mushrooms can be stored for 2 years with the same color, flavor and flavor.

4. Two methods of keeping Pleurotus ostreatus fresh

1. Keep it fresh in salt water. The freshly harvested mushrooms were selected according to the quality standard, soaked in 0.1% murmur0.2% sodium pyrosulfite solution for 8-10 minutes, rinsed with clean water for 30 minutes, drained and packed in special canisters, which could be kept fresh for 72 hours at a temperature below 23 ℃. Or immediately put the hot-boiled Agaricus bisporus in a 19-degree Baume salt solution (25 kg of salt saturated solution and pour 25 kg of hot-boiled Agaricus bisporus), then add the cover of refined salt, and then add appropriate amount of refined salt a few days later to maintain the Baume degree of 18 degrees. After 4-6 days of stability, seal and keep fresh.

two。 Quick-frozen fresh. In 30-40 minutes, the washed and boiled Agaricus bisporus is rapidly reduced from room temperature to-20 ℃, which can be kept fresh for a long time.