What are the common perennial flowers in South China?

Published: 2024-07-23 Author: mysheen
Last Updated: 2024/07/23, What are the common perennial flowers in South China?

Perennial flowers, that is, perennial flowers and plants that can survive for more than 2 years and keep blooming every year after growing up. Because perennial flowers and plants generally have strong cold tolerance, there are varieties of flowers and plants to choose from even in the cold areas of the north. As for the warmer southern regions, there are naturally much more varieties of flowers and plants to choose from. So, what are the common perennial flowers and plants in the south?

In southern China, the representative common flower plants are Dahlia, drunken butterfly flower, eight immortal flowers, willow verbena, medal chrysanthemum, Buddha nail and so on. For perennial flowers, the biggest advantage is easy to breed, low planting requirements, easy to manage, but also like other kinds of flowers, can often bloom beautiful flowers, the ornamental value is beyond doubt. Therefore, it is widely planted in the south of China, even for family potted users, it is often very suitable for planting.

Take the medal chrysanthemum, for example, because its flower shape is similar to the medal, at the same time, it is precisely because the flower pattern of this flower plant is relatively strange, and the color is also very rich, eye-catching, often showing a good wild interest. This kind of flower, whether cultivated in open field or cultivated in pot, has very high ornamental value, and it is a kind of green plant which is very worthy of everyone's cultivation.

This kind of green plant has not only strong drought tolerance, but also good water and moisture retention ability, especially in hot summer, when it is planted on the roof, it only needs a cultivation substrate of about 5 cm. It is often able to maintain a good state of growth, and more importantly, it can bring us a sense of coolness in summer. And the ability to reproduce and germinate is relatively strong, even if coarse cultivation, can also grow very well, do not need artificial irrigation and fertilizer, rely on God to give rain can grow very well.

Of course, in addition to these more common and widely used green plants, there are many kinds of perennial flowers suitable for planting and growing in the southern region. And the vast majority of the adaptability to the environment is relatively strong, we do not need to pay too much attention to drought, cold, water, barren and other factors, they can often maintain good growth, bring a wide range of uses for people, serve people all over the south.