How to apply fertilizer during the growing period of Magnolia?

Published: 2024-05-18 Author: mysheen
Last Updated: 2024/05/18, How to apply fertilizer during the growing period of Magnolia?

Gentleman orchid likes fertilizer, must achieve the right amount of fertilization, such as improper or excessive fertilization, not conducive to growth, or even become rotten roots or scorched. Then how to apply fertilizer during the growing period of Magnolia? Next, I would like to introduce to you the fertilization technology of Magnolia.

How to apply fertilizer during the growing period of Magnolia

Magnolia has different requirements for nutrients in the stage of growth and development. Therefore, different fertilization methods are adopted in different periods. Such as applying base fertilizer, topdressing, extra-root fertilization and so on.

Base fertilizer: the aim is to create conditions for plant growth and development to meet its nutrient needs. The application of base fertilizer for Magnolia should be carried out when the basin is changed every two years. Apply barnyard manure (that is, livestock manure), compost, green manure, bean cake fertilizer and so on.

Topdressing: mainly to promote the growth of magnolia. Liquid fertilizer is mainly applied at the beginning, and then the amount of fertilizer is gradually increased with the growth of the plant and the increase of leaves. During fertilization, the pot soil is removed and applied to the soil 2-3 cm deep, but it should be noted that the fertilizer applied should not be too close to the root system, lest the root system should be sprayed with new high-fat film. On the plant surface, it can prevent the infection of bacteria, improve the ability of resistance to natural disasters and improve the intensity of photosynthesis. Protect the seedlings to thrive.

Fertilization technique of Cymbidium

Extra-root topdressing: fertilizing with this method is mainly to make up for the lack of nutrients in the soil, so as to solve the problem of lack of fertilizer in the orchid plant, so that the seedlings grow fast and the flowers and fruits grow fat. Extra-root fertilization is to spray the fertilizer diluent directly on the leaf surface of the plant and let the nutrient elements infiltrate into the leaf tissue through the leaf epidermis cells and stomata and then transport to the whole body of the plant. When spraying, spray evenly to both sides of the blade. After the orchid blossoms, it should be stopped. It must be noted that this method can only be used when the plant is found to be short of fertilizer. If the plant of Cymbidium has sufficient nutrition and exuberant growth, it is not suitable to use it. Spraying Zhuangtiling at the bud stage can promote strong buds, enlarged petals, colorful flowers, rich fragrance and prolonged flowering period.