What are the skills of gentleman orchid in the application of fertilizer?

Published: 2024-05-18 Author: mysheen
Last Updated: 2024/05/18, What are the skills of gentleman orchid in the application of fertilizer?

Clivia in the application of fertilizer on what skills.

Clivia has a lot of skills in applying fertilizer. Here are a few points for you:

Clivia like fertilizer, we must do the right amount of fertilizer, such as improper or excessive fertilization, adverse growth, and even become a plant rotten roots or scorched. Clivia has different nutrient requirements in different growth stages. Therefore, different fertilization methods are adopted at various stages. Such as base fertilizer, topdressing, root fertilization, etc.

Base fertilizer: The purpose is to create conditions for plant growth and development to meet its nutrient needs. Clivia fertilizer should be applied every 2 years when the pot change. Apply common manure (livestock manure), compost, green manure, bean cake manure, etc. into the soil.

Topdressing: mainly to promote the growth of plants. Yiye fertilizer is mainly used, and less is applied for the first planting. Later, with the growth of plants and the increase of leaves, the amount of fertilizer is gradually increased. When fertilizing, the pot soil can be peeled open and applied into the soil 2-3 cm deep. However, attention should be paid to that the fertilizer should not be too close to the root system to avoid burning the root system. Spraying a new lipid membrane on the surface of the plant can prevent the infection of germs, improve the ability to resist natural disasters, improve the photosynthesis intensity, and protect the seedlings from thriving.

Topdressing outside the roots: Fertilization in this way is mainly to make up for the lack of nutrients in the soil to solve the problem of lack of fertilizer in the plant body, so that seedlings grow fast and flowers and fruits grow fat. External-root fertilization is to spray the fertilizer diluent directly on the leaves of plants with a sprayer, so that nutrients penetrate into the tissues of leaves through the epidermal cells and stomata of leaves and then transfer to the whole body of plants. When spraying, spray evenly on both sides of the leaves. It is advisable to stop applying fertilizer immediately after flowering. It must be noted that this method can only be used if the plant is found to be deficient in fertilizer. If the plant nutrition is sufficient and the growth is vigorous, it is not suitable to use it. Spraying Flower Zhuangdiling at the bud stage can promote strong buds, hypertrophy of petals, gorgeous colors, rich floral fragrance and prolonged flowering period.

Clivia perennial green, resistant to strong shade, is the ideal decoration hall, the plant, is the best to beautify the park. It is praised as a living handicraft and "money flower". However, there are often flower friends reaction home Clivia leaves yellow, rotten roots, do not bloom and so on, then how do we put this "money flower" raised well? And listen to the editor slowly.

1. The cultivation method of Clivia

1. soil

Fertile loose neutral or weakly acidic humus soil for clivia is the most suitable but the hotbed. Soil selection is the first key factor for Clivia,

Here to share the cultivation soil formula developed by flower growers: 55% of moldy soil (preferably oak leaves), 15% of river sand, 15% of pine needles, 10% of charcoal, 5% of pockmarks.

a. Disinfect soil after sieving.

b. Stir-fry the seeds until fragrant and mix well with the soil.

c. Add a layer of charcoal to the bottom of the basin to increase the permeability of the bottom of the basin and prevent water accumulation. (This part of charcoal is not counted in the formula)

d. Add a small handful of pockmarks to the bottom of the pot as base fertilizer. (This part of the pockmark is not counted in the formula)

PS: Novices can also directly purchase Clivia special soil planting.

2. illumination

Clivia likes semi-shade, and planting Clivia indoors requires artificial adjustment of the impact of light on it. Clivia leaves have phototaxis, if it is placed indoors for a long time, the leaves must be deflected in the direction of the sun, in terms of its plant shape, it is difficult to achieve a side view of a line, such as open fan viewing effect. Usually, during the day, my mother will put the flower plate in the sunny place, in order to make the clivia grow good-looking and ornamental value, you can not be lazy, every other week to change the direction of the leaves sunny place, so that clivia can grow well. Because the leaves of Clivia are opposite, if the long-term light is too single, it will cause unevenness.

In response to this situation, presbyopic friends provide a trick to place Clivia in the sun at night to supplement the light.

PS: How to place flowerpots indoors:

a. Make the leaves parallel to the sunny window and adjust them in the opposite direction every other week.

b. Make the leaves perpendicular to the sunlit window. Clivia must be placed in the north-south direction, not the north-south direction leaves long side, if the leaves long side how to do it? You can clip the two leaves together after pulling them together, and you can surround them with playing cards so that they don't hurt the leaves. Normally, the leaves will be corrected in 15-20 days.