The "trick" of flowers growing well in some flower markets

Published: 2024-05-18 Author: mysheen
Last Updated: 2024/05/18, The "trick" of flowers growing well in some flower markets

First, spray brightener to make plants brighter

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Some unscrupulous businessmen, in order to make the flowers look good, buy some brightener to spray on the flowers. once sprayed with brightener, the flowers of the plants are particularly gorgeous, and the leaves are also particularly bright and green. Many flower friends are deluded by appearance to buy home, they will find that the leaves are not as bright as before, gradually dim and wither, or even die. And if the editor doesn't sell it, the merchant will spray water at night and rinse off the brightener.

It is understood that the use of a small amount of brightener will not affect plants, but if used frequently, it will hinder plant respiration, cause wilt, and greatly shorten plant life.

Coping strategies

When you encounter flowers that look particularly gorgeous, you should be vigilant! When you buy it, you can touch the leaves of the plant. If it feels oily and smells bad, it's better not to buy it.

Second, succulent brocade can also be counterfeited

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Those who play succulent all know that Jinke is a precious commodity in succulent plants, and it is a combination of luck and wallets. Anyone who can have a pot of succulent plants is very proud.

However, this just provides an opportunity for some unscrupulous businessmen. In recent years, succulent medicine brocade has begun to appear on the market. This kind of brocade is not natural brocade, but is urged by medicine.

These fake succulent brocade look colorful and very good-looking when they are bought. Once they are bought and raised at home for a few days, the brocade will slowly degenerate and restore its green appearance. And this medicine will also cause some damage to succulent plants, reducing the lifespan of succulent plants.

Coping strategies

1. The brocade of medicine brocade looks unnatural, especially the transition between colors is more abrupt.

two。 In addition, encountered with the actual price is very different, very cheap brocade, it is best not to buy, because a penny of goods ah.

Third, the quality of potted soil is not good.

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Some businesses use all loess in a flowerpot, that is, clay and pastoral soil. this kind of soil has strong viscosity, poor water permeability and poor air permeability, and is easy to harden. After watering, the tiny hairy roots cannot absorb water, and the roots are easy to rot in a long-term humid environment.

Although loess (pastoral soil) is one of the common soils for flower cultivation, it can not be used alone. It needs to be mixed with peat soil, perlite, sand, ceramsite and other substrates to improve nutrition, air permeability and water permeability.

For example, large woody plants, such as Brazilian wood, rich tree, duck palm wood, peace tree, etc., can use 50% loess, 30% coarse sand, 20% rotten organic fertilizer.

Green pineapple, orchid, succulent and other small plants must be loose nutrient soil, generally made of peat soil, perlite, vermiculite and so on.

Coping strategies

1. When flower friends go to the flower market to buy flowers, they must pay attention to the potted soil in the flowerpots. If the soil in the pots is hard and solid, it seems that you must not buy the soil pimples that are United together. If you buy them home for a month, you will definitely die.

two。 Flower friends can buy nutritious soil in the market and go home to change their own pots, but! Don't change it as soon as you buy it home, keep it for 1-2 weeks, and wait for the plant to adapt to the environment at home, otherwise it will definitely die. This is a bloody lesson from the editor, and you must learn it.

Fourth, tampering with the bottom of the flowerpot

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For many large flowers, in order to save costs and reduce weight, half of the waste newspapers, foam, paper shells and even plastic bags are padded in flowerpots, which is not conducive to flower growth. Conscience sellers usually pad ceramsite or tiles at the bottom.

If the waste newspaper and foam are broken into small pieces, a small layer at the bottom has a certain degree of drainage, but it is not broken and stuffed inside. Once the outlet is blocked, it is easy to cover up the plant roots.

And foam, paper shells and other messy if it accounts for more than 1 of the basin will certainly harm the growth of plant roots, especially duck palm wood, rhododendron, gardenia, such as deep-rooted plants.

Coping strategies

When flower friends go to the market to buy flowers, they can pick up the flowers and cushion the weight. if they are particularly light, they should be vigilant.

Finally, the editor also wants to make one point clear: not all those who sell flowers are unscrupulous vendors.

Some good businessmen are also very honest and honest.

Moreover, the flowers bought home often die, and we are also responsible for it.

Random watering, lack of ventilation, lack of understanding of habits.

In short, the golden eye when buying + raising when scientific and reasonable, the combination of the two, there are no bad flowers! Yeah! Come on.