How to fertilize flowers? how to fertilize flowers?

Published: 2024-06-16 Author: mysheen
Last Updated: 2024/06/16, How to fertilize flowers? how to fertilize flowers?

How to fertilize flowers is very simple for old birds, but for new rookies, how to fertilize flowers is also a skill that needs to be understood. The following gardener uncle talks about some flower fertilization skills to make a reference for flower friends.

Five methods of fertilization:

(1) spreading a layer of Maifan stone particles in the flowerpot can promote the growth of flowers and prolong the flowering period.

(2) the broken eggshell fertilizer crushes the eggshell into the flowerpot, which is a good fertilizer, which can make the potted flowers grow luxuriantly and the leaves blossom.

(3) cook a small amount of soybeans for use. Each pot of flowers wear three holes, put in 5 cooked soybeans, up to 2mi 3cm deep, do not hurt the flower roots, and cover the soil as usual.

(4) bake and smash the pig bones and fish bones that are usually ready to be discarded, and apply the basin floor or basin noodles.

(5) watering flowers with rice washing water. Rice washing water contains nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and other trace elements, which is not only a compound fertilizer but also a mild fertilizer, which does not hurt the flower root, as long as the pot soil is not immersed in water.

Collect organic manure for potted flowers

Chemical fertilizer should not be used to grow flowers in the family. Nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and other main fertilizers needed for the cultivation of flowers can be collected in daily life. For example, moldy and inedible waste peanuts, beans, melon seeds and miscellaneous grains are nitrogen-containing fertilizers, which can promote the growth of flowers and trees after fermentation as base fertilizer or solution as topdressing; fish bones, broken bones, chicken feathers, eggshells and people's cut nails and hair are all rich in phosphorus. Mix this waste into the old culture soil, add some water and put it in a plastic bag in the corner. After a period of ripening, it can become an excellent organic fertilizer. If these wastes are soaked into a solution and then fertilized, the flowers in the domestic pot can be brightly colored and the fruits will be numerous. In addition, fermented Amoy rice water, raw bean sprout water, plant ash water, as well as Rain Water and fish tank waste water, all contain a certain amount of nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, as long as appropriate use will play a role in promoting the growth and development of flowers and trees.

Pericarp can neutralize alkaline basin soil

Some flowers in the south are not easy to survive or blossom in the north, because the potted soil is too alkaline. There are many ways to neutralize alkaline soil, this method is to peel the apple and apple core soaked in cold water, often use this water to water the flowerpot, can gradually reduce the alkalinity of the potted soil, conducive to the growth of some plants.