How to fertilize edible fungi?

Published: 2024-04-25 Author: mysheen
Last Updated: 2024/04/25, How to fertilize edible fungi?

Edible mushroom is also a profitable industry, so many people have begun to grow edible mushroom, but for this kind of mushroom food, it still needs to be fertilized, and the edible fungus needs correct fertilization for its high yield. So, how to fertilize edible fungi.

Dung and soil fertilizer crushed fresh dried pig and cow dung, pre-wet compost with lime water for 15 days, and mixed well with 50% fat mud and a small amount of plant ash. When the yield dropped sharply or dead mushrooms appeared, the old roots were removed and scattered on the bed surface combined with cleaning the bed surface.

The forage juice is cooked and dried, fried with 100 times water and sprayed after cooling, which can make the edible fungus grow healthily.

Cottonseed juice will be cottonseed 10 times water frying juice, cooling and adding water 3 times use.

Pig and cow urine boil the rotten pig and cow urine for 20 minutes, filter out the residue, add 10 to 20 times of water to form a dilution of 5% to 10%.

Food liquid ① soybean water. Rinse 10 kg of non-moldy soybeans, soak and add 50-60 kg of water, boil thoroughly, filter out the soup, add water to 200 kg and spray. ② cut up 10 kilograms of carrots, add 15 kilograms of water, boil for 30 minutes, filter the juice and add 3 times the water to form a 25% Fresh Carrot Juice spray. ③ adds 1 kg of solid glucose to 100kg water and dissolves to get 1% glucose solution, which can be sprayed directly. ④ was sprayed in 100kg water mixed with 0.3kg 0.5kg salt.

All of the above fertilizers are effective.