How does gentleman orchid give birth to chloasma? How to prevent and cure it?

Published: 2024-06-24 Author: mysheen
Last Updated: 2024/06/24, How does gentleman orchid give birth to chloasma? How to prevent and cure it?

The magnolia is a plant that everyone loves very much, and it is sought after by everyone because of its high ornamental ability, in which the ornamental nature of the leaves is prominent, but recently a friend reflected to the editor that chloasma appeared on the leaves of the magnolia at home, which greatly reduced its ornamental nature. the following editor will introduce to you the first aid method for chloasma. I hope it can be helpful to you.

What if chloasma appears on the leaves of Cymbidium

1. Cut off the diseased leaves

The yellow spot on the leaves of Cymbidium is mostly caused by leaf spot disease. The spread of leaf spot disease is relatively fast. You can first cut off all the diseased leaves of Cymbidium, then burn them all and bury them deep in the soil to prevent the spread of leaf spot disease.

2. Change the soil in time

For the question of what to do with macula on the leaves, in addition to cutting off the diseased leaves, we also need to change the soil in time. Before changing the soil, wash the root of the orchid. If you find the rotten root, you can cut it off and plant it in the new soil.

3. Spraying chemicals

If Cymbidium suffers from leaf spot disease, it can also be sprayed with fungicides, with a concentration of 500 to 1000 times, which can effectively prevent and cure leaf spot disease, but once every 15 days, 3 times in a row until the leaves of Cymbidium are restored.

Prevention and control of diseases and insect pests in Cymbidium

1. Anthrax

In addition to the occurrence of leaf spot disease, anthracnose is also a common disease. Anthrax begins with small brown spots around the leaves, which will spread to the whole body of the orchid for a long time, gradually withering and dying.

Prevention and control method: if anthrax is found, you don't have to cut off the diseased leaves, just reduce the amount of water, apply more fertilizer, and then put it in a sunny and well-ventilated place. Spray 1000 times the solution of anthrax Fumeijia every other week, five times at a time until it recovers.

2. Scale insects

Shell insects are common pests in Cymbidium. They gather on the leaves of Cymbidium, absorb nutrients and water in the leaves, wither the leaves, and even produce a large number of bacteria in the excreta secreted by shell worms. It will cause leaf spot, anthrax and other diseases, which has a greater impact on the orchid.

Prevention and control method: if we find a small number of shell insects, we can use toothpicks to remove them and rinse them with clean water. If we find a large number of shell insects, we will directly spray 25% imidophos emulsion without 1000 times the liquid, and we will wash it with clean water for 3 days.