What are the breeding methods of Milan flower?

Published: 2024-05-21 Author: mysheen
Last Updated: 2024/05/21, What are the breeding methods of Milan flower?

Milan is people's favorite flowers and plants, it mainly likes to grow in the south, where the air humidity is relatively high, is a warm and humid environment. So what are the methods of cultivating Milan flowers?

First, the soil should be loose and ventilated.

The newly bought Milan is generally maintained with the original soil, which is very suitable for maintenance in the flowerpot, and it is easy to harden if it is not properly watered at home. So the new Milan can wash its roots and change pots when the temperature is right, and replace it with loose and breathable soil, so as to avoid worries.

To change the basin soil, to use loose and breathable slightly acidic soil, you can use rotten leaf soil mixed with granular soil, and then mixed with a layer of pine needle soil.

Second, the ventilation should be good.

Milan likes a well-ventilated, warm and humid environment. At home, you can put it on the south balcony, often open windows, ventilation. If it is watered with poor ventilation, it is easy to accumulate water, and its leaves are easy to fall off.

Third, the light should be better.

If you want Milan to continue to grow and blossom, you must always give it enough light. Except for giving it a shade when it is exposed to the sun at noon in summer, it should be in full sunshine all the time. If there are conditions, you can put it outdoors, and the more it is exposed, the more it will blossom.

Fourth, fertilizing.

Milan keeps growing and blooming. New buds come out with a string of buds in the growing season, so it consumes a lot of nutrients, so it must be fertilized in time, using multi-element fertilizer every month and phosphorus and potassium fertilizer once a month, so that nutrients will not be lost. Can not be a single supplement of phosphorus and potassium fertilizer to promote flowering, this will affect the growth of the plant, itself we usually do not maintain properly, it will lead to the lack of some medium and trace element fertilizer. So timely supplement of fertilizer can make it grow more exuberantly.