How to avoid the occurrence of edible fungus diseases and insect pests?

Published: 2024-05-21 Author: mysheen
Last Updated: 2024/05/21, How to avoid the occurrence of edible fungus diseases and insect pests?

How to avoid the occurrence of edible fungus diseases and insect pests.

There are more than 350 species of edible fungi known in China, most of which belong to basidiomycete subphylum, common are: Lentinus edodes, straw mushroom, mushroom, fungus, Tremella, hericium Erinaceus, bamboo shoot, Tricholoma matsutake, Tricholoma, red mushroom and boletus; a few belong to ascomycete subphylum, including Morchella, saddle, truffle and so on. The above fungi grow in different regions and different ecological environments.

Ways to reduce diseases and insect pests of edible fungi:

1. Keep the mushroom farm clean:

The mushroom house should be thoroughly cleaned before cultivation and sprayed evenly with 800 times of trichlorfon or dichlorvos solution. To grow mushrooms outdoors, remove weeds around the cultivation site and spray the soil and around the site with 250 times trichlorfon solution.

2. Prevent adults from entering the room: |

For indoor cultivation of edible fungi, doors, windows and ventilation holes should be nailed with 60-mesh fine yarn to prevent adults such as mushroom flies and mushroom mosquitoes from entering the room.

3. Trapping and killing adults:

Adults such as mushroom flies and mushroom mosquitoes have phototaxis, which can be set up with black light or fluorescent lamp, and dichlorvos solution pots can be hung around the lamp or placed under the lamp, so that adults can be poisoned by drug contact.

4. Drug fumigation:

Edible fungi are cultivated indoors and fumigated with 2-3 pieces of aluminum phosphide per cubic meter of space under airtight conditions to eliminate indoor insect sources.

5. Treatment of culture materials:

15 ml of diclofenac is used for every 50 kg of culture material, 10 kg of water is sprayed evenly on the material, and the mixture is sprayed while mixing the material, which can be accumulated for 3 days after spraying, which can not only eliminate the source of insects in the material, but also mix 40% phoxim 500x liquid or 2.5% enemy kill 1000 times liquid in the culture material, which has a very good insecticidal effect.

6. Spraying to kill insects:

When pests are found before mushroom emergence, 500x trichlorfon solution or 1000 times dichlorvos solution can be sprayed on the bed to kill pests.

Edible mushroom industry is a short and fast rural economic development project which integrates economic benefits, ecological benefits and social benefits, and edible fungi is a kind of organic, nutritious and healthy green food. The development of edible mushroom industry meets the needs of the growth of people's consumption and the sustainable development of agriculture, and is an effective way for farmers to get rich quickly.

The prevention of edible fungus pests should be given priority. Prevention is more important than cure. The cultivation environment is clean. Good ventilation environment. The hot season should be in accordance with the anti-insect net. The culture material should be treated thoroughly. Insecticides should be sprayed inside and outside the mushroom room before cultivation. If possible, insecticidal lamps can be installed in the mushroom room. Once insect pests occur, biological pesticides or high-efficient and low-toxic pesticides can be used locally.