Cactus flowers, how to manage them in winter

Published: 2024-04-25 Author: mysheen
Last Updated: 2024/04/25, Cactus flowers, how to manage them in winter

1, less watering: cactus is a tropical plant, growing in drought and high temperature, should not be too much watering, otherwise it will make the cactus rhizome rot. After the cactus enters the winter, should stop watering, keep the basin soil dry, urge it to enter the dormancy state. If improper watering is carried out in winter, their dormancy is broken and their physiological activity is restored, then the cold tolerance of the plant is reduced and it is easy to rot.

2. Bask in more sunshine: the cactus is originally a tropical plant, and the sun is strong in the original growth environment, so if you want it to grow well, you should put it in the sun every day, and you are not afraid of the bright light at noon.

3, flowerpots should be ventilated: the bottom of some pots is not ventilated, if the pots are not ventilated, it will produce stagnant water. Some stagnant water below 0 °will freeze, which will corrode the root of the cactus, causing the plant to freeze and die.

4. Keep indoor ventilation: the origin of cactus is generally an open desert with good ventilation. Therefore, in the breeding process as far as possible to maintain indoor ventilation, often open windows for air.