Is hydroponics the same as hydroponics?

Published: 2024-06-20 Author: mysheen
Last Updated: 2024/06/20, Is hydroponics the same as hydroponics?

Many friends think that hydroponics and hydroponics of flowers are the same. However, I will give you a detailed introduction below. Now some hydroponic and hydroponic flowers are favored by most people because of their freshness, environmental protection, easy maintenance and easy combination. Water culture and water culture are both forms of soilless cultivation, both have special planting pots, and they can also choose their favorite utensils, but they are obviously different in other aspects.

The characteristics of flower aquaculture:

Flower aquaculture generally has inflated bulbs and stores rich nutrients. Its growth and flowering mainly depends on its own stored nutrients. During cultivation, it is only necessary to soak the roots in clean water and fix them without supplying nutrients. The main flowers suitable for water cultivation are daffodils, tulips, hyacinth, rich bamboo and so on. In order to make hydroponic flowers grow luxuriantly and blossom brightly, the key is to choose fully developed bulbs to meet the continuous needs of flower growth; the second is to change water frequently and persist in changing water every two or three days (rich bamboo every 7-10 days) to maintain sufficient nitrogen content in water and improve root activity; it is necessary to maintain sufficient sunshine.

The characteristics of flower hydroponics:

Flower hydroponics is to fix plant roots on the cover or floating board of flowerpots and soak the roots in water, which must be equipped with reasonable inorganic nutrients. Therefore, flower hydroponics is also called nutrient solution culture. Hydroponic flowers are characterized by strong waterlogging resistance, and their plant habits and internal structure are suitable for normal growth in water. At present, the main varieties of hydroponic flowers are orchid, orchid, crab claw orchid, Brazilian wood, evergreen, clump taro, tortoise back bamboo, gemstone flower, hanging bamboo plum, rooting and so on.

After reading the above analysis, we have the answer. Flower hydroponics is different from hydroponics.