What is spider orchid language? Spider Orchid

Published: 2024-06-24 Author: mysheen
Last Updated: 2024/06/24, What is spider orchid language? Spider Orchid

Spider orchid is a kind of orchid, also known as "beautiful water ghost banana", spider orchid sounds like a very distinctive name, spider orchid looks like a spider? So, what is the spider orchid language?

What is the spider orchid language?

Spider orchid language: beauty is born

Flower divination: you essentially have irresistible charm, many advantages in one, is a standard heartthrob. Unfortunately, others only know how to appreciate your appearance, do not see your efforts, people misunderstand that you are just a beautiful vase.

Flower motto: the idle heart is the source of all destruction.

Introduction of Spider Orchid

Spider orchid belongs to Amaryllidaceae, stinging crab flower genus, annual herbs, underground with spherical stems, its diameter is about 7-11 cm. Leaves tufted, shortly stipitate, leaf blade long sword-shaped, soft, fleshy, dark green and glossy.

Spider orchid, alias type: beautiful water banana

Morphological characteristics: Amaryllidaceae is a perennial herb. Underground with globose bulbs, 7-10cm in diam. The plant height is 1-2m. Leaves basal, bright green, oblanceolate, tip acute, about 60cm long, with longitudinal grooves at the base. Scape stout, grayish green, compressed, solid; umbels terminal, with 10-15 flowers; flowers large, up to 23cm in diameter, white; fragrant; flowers open sequentially from outside to inside; involucral bracts 5-6, lanceolate, green, 7-10 cm long; tube greenish, 8-10 cm long; perianth segments linear, 2 times longer than tube; accessory teeth funnel-shaped, ca. 4cm. Flowering, summer and autumn.

Origin and habits: originally from the West Indies. Strong growth and strong adaptability. Sex likes to be warm and moist, with plenty of light. Do not choose soil, but it is better to use sandy loam which is rich in humus, loose and fertile, and well drained.