How to breed Xiangxue orchid

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Last Updated: 2024/07/23, How to breed Xiangxue orchid

Xiangxuelan is one of the most popular flowers. I would like to share it with you today.

Culture method of Xiangxue orchid

First, seed ball pre-treatment

Before Xiangxue orchid is planted, its bulb needs to be disinfected, break dormancy, promote hair root and other pretreatment. When disinfecting the bulbs, soak the bulbs with fungicides such as carbendazim or thiophanate-methyl for 1-2 hours. When the time is up, pick up the shade and dry it. The root-promoting treatment should be planted after seeing the root growing, and the root should not be too long, otherwise it is easy to hurt the root system when planting.

2. Soil

Xiangxuelan likes sandy loam with rich organic matter, strong water retention and good drainage, with an acid value of 6-7.2. Before planting, per square meter of soil disinfection can be treated with pentachloronitrobenzene 6g / m ~ 2, methyl bromide 50g / m ~ 70g and Yinglandan 8g / m ~ 2. After application, the rake is smooth, and the seeds can be sown every 5 to 7 days.

III. Colonization

In general, the planting period of Xiangxue orchid is from September to October, overwintering through the relevant protective facilities, and the flowering period is mainly from March to April. Planting is usually covered with 2~3cm, not too thick. After planting, the soil surface is often covered with a thin layer of peat soil or pine needles, straw, sawdust, etc., so as to keep the soil moist.

IV. Fertilizer and water management

The soil must be kept moist after planting and before budding. After the emergence of flower buds, it is necessary to gradually reduce the amount of water and keep the soil surface dry as far as possible, which can effectively reduce air humidity and prevent diseases.

The time from planting to flowering is relatively short, and the organic fertilizer and compound fertilizer applied before planting can basically meet the growth needs, but if the plant growth is weak, ammonium nitrate, urea and potassium sulfate should be applied again at 2-4 leaves. 0.2% potassium dihydrogen phosphate was used as foliar fertilizer during the first flowering, but topdressing was avoided before and after budding.

5. Temperature management

Temperature is very important for the production of cut flowers of vanilla. Generally, about 6 weeks after planting, the inflorescence has completely differentiated, and the smaller corms will be delayed for 2-3 weeks. High temperature above 25 ℃ and low temperature below 10 ℃ should be avoided during flower bud differentiation. From the 4-leaf stage, the temperature was maintained for more than 4 weeks at 13: 14 ℃, so as to successfully induce flower primordium differentiation during the 4-leaf period, which was beneficial to the improvement of cut flower yield and quality.

After the emergence of buds, the ambient temperature can be increased appropriately, which can promote flowering; when the flowering period needs to be prolonged, when the flowers bloom, the temperature can be reduced to about 15 ℃, which can prolong the harvest time of cut flowers. Greenhouse and greenhouse management should pay attention to ventilation at room temperature above 25 ℃ and covering heat preservation or heating below 10 ℃.

VI. Lighting management

Proper shading is needed in the cultivation process of Xiangxue orchid, especially in the seedling stage and flowering stage. During the leaf growing period, proper shading can reduce the ground temperature and promote the development of root system. The short day treatment about 10 hours before flower bud differentiation was beneficial to promote flower bud differentiation and increase the length of flower stem and the number of flowers and lateral ears on inflorescence.

Properly prolonging sunshine after the completion of flower bud differentiation is beneficial to promote the good development of inflorescence and early flowering. Although fragrant snow orchid likes light, it should also avoid strong light exposure. When the light is too strong and the temperature is high, a shading net with a light transmittance of 70% can be used to shade.

7. Pull the net

The flower branches of Xiangxue orchid are soft, and the inflorescences grow flexuously. When there are many flowers, it is easy to make the flower branches droop and lodge. In the 3-4 leaf stage of the plant, we can start to set up a scaffold net, set up a layer network about the 25cm off the ground, and then set up a 2-layer network with 3 layers along with the plant growth. Generally, the grid of the open net is 10cm × 10cm or 10cm × 15cm.

Fragrant snow orchid flower language

Fragrant snow orchid's flower language is pure.

Flower motto: you should know that behind love lies happiness and pain, sadness and regret. It is planted in autumn and blossoms in winter. Get married before you fall in love.

How does fragrant snow orchid breed, and to fragrant snow orchid flower language to share with you here, do you still like the content introduced by the editor? If you want to know more about Xiang Xuelan, consult relevant books, the information obtained in this way is very reliable.