What are the blue flowers and plants?

Published: 2024-04-25 Author: mysheen
Last Updated: 2024/04/25, What are the blue flowers and plants?

Nature is magical, and many beautiful scenes are often decorated by many inconspicuous flowers and plants. Blue often gives people an elegant and eye-catching feeling, and even blue flowers and plants can usually make people feel calm with their elegant blossoms. Try to feel the crisp sound of green leaves, the twittering noise of birds and the pleasant fragrance of flowers in the breeze. What a wonderful scene it will be.

Blue can always bring people a sense of mystery, it is not only a color, but also an elegant transmission, like endless forgettable grass close together, converging into a vast blue ocean. Inadvertently, they grow all over the world in silence. When blooming, the bright yellow stamens are surrounded by blue petals, delicate, lovely and beautiful. Therefore, many friends prefer to grow flowering blue flowers and plants. So, what about.

There are not a few varieties of flowers and plants that bloom blue. Many flowers and plants can bloom a beautiful and mysterious blue. Next, the editor will come with you to know some representative flowers and green plants, such as blue flax, blue snowflake, blue star flower, sage, periwinkle, blue melon and leaf chrysanthemum, and so on.

Blue flax

Blue flax is so exquisite and exquisite that many people who pass by it can't help but stop and watch. Its light and elegant petals have left a deep impression on many people, but it will not like to compete like many other flowers, but like to quietly bloom their own splendor under their own sky. at the same time, also bring their most beautiful side to the world, dedicated to the people.

Blue snowflakes

In nature, blue snowflake is also a more magical flower plant, not only beautiful flowers, but also relatively strong growth, more importantly, planting is relatively simple, management is also more convenient. And this kind of mysterious flowers with blue flowers are often used by many potted friends as family potted plants to decorate the home environment, which can often play a very good beautification and embellishment effect.

Third, Blue Star Flower

This is a blue flower plant that blossoms like a trumpet flower, but this flower has a very strange phenomenon when it blooms, that is, it usually blossoms in the morning and withered in the afternoon. From this point, it seems to be like the epiphyllum as we know it, but the epiphyllum blossoms at night and withered at dawn. The blue star flower is petite and beautiful, but it has a sun-loving attitude, and it can bloom all the year round, whether it is used as a potted plant or given to friends, it is a good choice.

Fourth, sage

This flower plant, native to Europe, not only blossoms blue, but also gives off a special aroma that can be smelled even a few meters away. It can be seen that this is a kind of fragrant flower. Of course, sage brings us not only beauty and fragrance, but also a kind of mystery. And it often brings different experiences to different friends, especially when large pieces of film are in full bloom.

5. Changchun Flowers

Prunus mandshurica is a kind of flower green plant that can be seen easily by the roadside. It prefers warm and humid growth environment, especially sufficient light, because under the condition of suitable temperature and humidity and sufficient light, the plant can show very high ornamental value. and as a single pot plant and a large area of land can bring people a completely different sense of flowering. But no matter it is potted or planted on the ground, it is very ornamental.

6. Blue melon leaf chrysanthemum

Melon-leaf chrysanthemum has a wide variety and different colors, but it usually takes blue as the main color, and the flowers have high ornamental value, so they are often planted near the greenway of the garden as a landscape plant. But also can be placed as a potted plant in the courtyard or balcony, flowering blue is very bright, no matter where it is planted, flowering season, often can become a beautiful scenery alone.