How to fertilize flowers? Tips on fertilization of Flowers

Published: 2024-06-20 Author: mysheen
Last Updated: 2024/06/20, How to fertilize flowers? Tips on fertilization of Flowers

As we all know, growing flowers is a matter of perseverance, such as fertilizing flowers, for example, many people think that fertilizing flowers is a very simple thing, just sprinkle some fertilizer occasionally, then I can tell you clearly that this method of fertilizing flowers is wrong, and it is impossible for fertilizer to spread to the bottom of the flowerpot. So how should flowers be fertilized? Let me tell you a little trick.

Some of us will also bury some fertilizer at the bottom of the flowerpot when planting plants. Even so, the fertilizer cannot spread evenly throughout the process. The main thing is that if we bury fertilizer at the bottom of the flowerpot, we can only change shifts every year, but not at other times. We now have some ways to solve this problem.

We have always believed that if fertilizer is applied, only when the root of the plant is closer to the fertilizer can it fully absorb the nutrients of the fertilizer. In fact, if the root of the plant is too close to the fertilizer, it may be burned to death by the fertilizer. So the distance between the root system and the fertilizer must be larger.

In fact, we can add fertilizer at the bottom of the flowerpot, because the bottom of the plant root can come into contact with the fertilizer, and the distance between them is not too great, so after it absorbs the nutrients in the fertilizer, it can be passed on to other roots. But as we said before, this is flawed.

It is impossible for us to pull out the plants in order to add fertilizer to the plants and apply fertilizer to the bottom of the flowerpots. This is unrealistic. We can do this only if we change the pots at the right time every year. But in this case, the significance of fertilizing does not exist. If we want to solve this problem, we also have a way. All we need is a few straws.

We need to get four straws, the size of which is the same as our usual pearl milk tea, and its diameter is about one centimeter. Then we insert the four straws into the four corners of the flowerpot. If our flowerpot is round, we can distribute the four straws evenly.

These four straws must be inserted into the bottom of the flowerpot. Before inserting them, we should use the straws as small holes with needles. After inserting them into the flowerpots, we can take out the straws. At this time, there must be a lot of soil in the dish washing. We need to clean up the soil and continue to put the straws in the same place. After that, if we want to apply potassium fertilizer to the plants, we can apply it directly to these straws.

Because the straw is empty, when we apply the fertilizer to the straw, it is actually in the straw. If we add some water, the fertilizer will easily melt and spread to the whole flowerpot. We pierce some small holes in the straw for this purpose.