How to use aerosol in greenhouse flowers has a good effect

Published: 2024-06-20 Author: mysheen
Last Updated: 2024/06/20, How to use aerosol in greenhouse flowers has a good effect

Aerosol is referred to as smoke agent, which is prepared by special methods, such as pesticide, calorific agent, combustion-supporting agent, dispersant and so on. When ignited, it can be burned (flameless), so that pesticides are heated and gasified and condensed into solid particles in the air. This pesticide is mainly used for the control of flower diseases and insect pests in greenhouse and greenhouse, and it is a new method.

In recent years, with the development of facility agriculture, the planting area of flower greenhouse is increasing year by year. Due to the unique microclimate of greenhouse and the periodic influence of vegetable planting, some diseases and insect pests occur seriously. In the prevention and control of diseases and insect pests, a more effective means is to use aerosol for smoking control. It has high efficacy, low residue, time-saving, labor-saving, medicine-saving, no equipment and easy to use. And generally will not cause the disease to produce resistance, to avoid the waste of conventional spraying pesticides. Therefore, many greenhouse growers often use aerosol to control diseases and insect pests. However, some methods need to be mastered when using aerosol.

1. Prescribe the right medicine to the case.

The properties of all kinds of aerosols are different, and their prevention and control objects are also different. Therefore, in the use of aerosol, only according to the type and degree of diseases and pests, the correct selection of aerosol varieties, the right medicine, in order to achieve high control effect, save money and save labor. For example, Sukeling aerosol can be used in the control of leaf mildew in greenhouse, and chlorothalonil can be used in the control of downy mildew and epidemic disease.

2. It is necessary to master the appropriate period of medication.

Generally speaking, medication is effective at the initial stage of the occurrence of diseases and insect pests. Because the occurrence is small at this time, it is easy to control, at the same time, the pest is in the young stage, and the natural resistance to pesticides is poor. For example, when using melon aphid smoke agent No. 1 to control aphids, when the number of aphids is small, the drug can be used with 250 Mu 300 grams per mu.

3. It is necessary to master the appropriate amount of medication.

The general dosage should be determined according to the space size of the greenhouse, the occurrence degree of diseases and insect pests and the effective content of aerosol. In general, the one-time dosage of 30% chlorothalonil aerosol and 10% trimethoprim aerosol is 0.3 to 0.4 grams per cubic meter, equivalent to 300 MUE 400 grams per mu. The dosage of serious diseases and insect pests or poor closure of the greenhouse can be increased appropriately.

4. it is necessary to grasp the time of medication.

Generally, it is appropriate to light the grass curtain in the evening, and it is better to light the aerosol in the evening in cloudy and snowy days. This is because under sunlight, the plant surface temperature is the same as the aerosol particle temperature, the smoke is not easy to deposit and affect the efficacy, while in the evening or cloudy days, it is conducive to the precipitation of smoke.

5. Master the usage.

When using, do not put the tablet directly on the ground, the scientific usage is to put the aerosol tablet on the brick, or hang on the wire in the shed, keep the same distance between the tablet and the tablet. For those with large room space, when using aerosol with low active ingredient content (10% copyright 30%), generally set up 5 discharge points per mu, and use aerosol with high effective content, which can be increased to more than 5 per mu; for those with small room space, it is appropriate to choose aerosol with low active ingredient content and set up 710 fuel points per mu. After the tablets are put away, close the greenhouse and light each tablet from the inside to the outside. Pay attention to blow out the open fire, which is conducive to the production of thick smoke, fumigation, continuous fumigation for 5 to 6 hours, that is, open the shed for ventilation, once every 7 to 10 days, continuous fumigation for 2 to 3 times can get good results.

6. Pay attention to the effective use of drugs

When using aerosol, be sure to check the greenhouse or greenhouse so that it must be airtight. At the same time, pay attention to. Aerosol is susceptible to moisture, so it should be moistureproof when it is stored. Once it is damp, it can be put in a ventilated place to dry slowly. Do not bake it with fire. Avoid crops and flammable materials when using chemicals. After lighting, the operator should immediately leave the shed and close the door. After 2 hours of ventilation the next day, the operator can enter the shed to prevent poisoning. Wash it with soapy water after contact with this medicine.