It is urgent to wonder how to use chemical fertilizer for hydroponic flowers in summer.

Published: 2024-05-18 Author: mysheen
Last Updated: 2024/05/18, It is urgent to wonder how to use chemical fertilizer for hydroponic flowers in summer.

The medium of hydroponic flower culture is water, and the chemical fertilizer used is completely mineral inorganic nutrition, and it is made of many kinds of nutrient elements {large amount of elements and trace elements}. Grasp the fertilizer requirements of crops and urgently grasp the fertilization time. It is the focus of hydroponic flowers.

Fertilize according to the growth potential of flowers: as we all know, our indoor lighting conditions are relatively poor. Although most of the foliage flowers cultivated indoors prefer shade or semi-shade environment, the growth of their plants will be relatively weak in the case of lack of light or too weak light for a long time, so the adaptability to fertilizer concentration will also be reduced. for poor growth in poor light conditions, or poor plant growth caused by other reasons, we should stop fertilization, or less fertilization, and try to reduce the concentration of fertilization.

Several problems that should be paid attention to when fertilizing: first, freshly hydroponically cultivated flowers, which have not yet adapted to the environment in the water, often appear that the leaves turn yellow or individual rotten roots are present, so don't rush to apply fertilizer at this time, but stop for about ten days. Fertilize after adapting to the environment or taking new aquatic roots. Second, do not apply urea directly into the water, because urea is a kind of artificial inorganic synthetic organic fertilizer, and hydroponic culture is cultivated in the state of asepsis or few bacteria. if urea is applied directly, not only flowers can not absorb nutrients, but also make some harmful or microorganisms multiply quickly and cause water pollution, and cause ammonia damage to flowers and cause flower poisoning. Third, if it is found that excessive fertilization causes the root system of flowers to rot, and causes water quality to deteriorate and pollute and stink, the rotten roots should be cut off quickly, and water should be changed and washed in time.