The way to cure the yellow leaves of flowers? Is the flower leaf glossy method?

Published: 2024-05-28 Author: mysheen
Last Updated: 2024/05/28, The way to cure the yellow leaves of flowers? Is the flower leaf glossy method?

Growing flowers at home often causes yellowing of leaves, and it is also a difficulty that florists often encounter. If you don't stop real-time management, flowers and plants may die.

There are many reasons for the occurrence of yellow leaves in flowers and plants. According to the reasons above, you can stop symptomatic management in real time, and you can make flowers and plants shake up from the beginning.

1, lack of fertilizer leaves yellow: flowers and plants appear thick and weak when lack of fertilizer. The leaves are yellow and don't look energetic at all. Fertilizer should be applied immediately and it will be effective in a few days.

2, fat and leafy yellow: apply too much fertilizer or too close to the root, the flower can not absorb the root, resulting in the loss of leaves, yellow leaves. Do not use non-rotten fertilizer, do not apply too much fertilizer, and apply thin fertilizer diligently. If you apply too much fertilizer, you can pour more water to sweep the fertilizer. You can also change the soil from scratch.

3, the pot soil is not suitable for leaf yellow: because the pot flowers are temporarily watered with tap water, salt and alkali accumulates in the basin soil. In severe times, the pot soil turns white, making the flowers and leaves yellow and scattered. Especially in the south, the alkali content of soil and water is relatively high. The water soaked in the apple peel can be used to water the flowers, or with potassium dihydrogen phosphate mixed with water. Acid soil was selected when transplanting.

4, drought, dehydration and yellowing. Flower cultivation forgets watering or temporarily watering half waist water (that is, upper wet and lower dry), it also simply causes the leaves to turn yellow and wilt and droop. First, the lower old leaves yellowed, and gradually withered and scattered from the bottom up. This kind of condition needs to be watered and sprayed in large quantities so that it can be restored and then transferred to general watering.

5, excessive watering, the soil is temporarily too wet, forming a lack of oxygen in the soil, so that local fibrous roots rot, so that flowers and plants can not generally absorb water and fertilizer, so that flowers and plants leaves yellow and scattered. You should immediately master watering, stop fertilizing, put it in a ventilated and dry place, and often loosen the soil to make the soil well ventilated.

6, temporarily did not change the pot caused by the leaf yellow: because the pot has not been changed for a long time, spend a lot of roots, need more water and fertilizer, the small pot can not meet the development needs of flowers. The root system can not stretch, it is difficult to breathe, the old leaves are dry and yellow, and the young leaves are yellow and hypertrophic. At this time, it is necessary to change the appropriate flowerpot and choose loose soil with humus.

7, iron deficiency leaf yellow: flowers and plants iron deficiency will make leaves yellow, rust water can be used to water flowers, the result is very good. Rusty nails can also be embedded in flowerpots.

8, the leaf yellow formed by diseases and insect pests: flowers will inevitably break out in the process of development of diseases and insect pests, once the outbreak of diseases and insect pests, the leaves will be yellow and even perish. Carbendazim can be sprayed or irrigated every month to prevent disease and pay attention to good ventilation.