Application techniques of Fertilizer during Magnolia cultivation

Published: 2024-06-20 Author: mysheen
Last Updated: 2024/06/20, Application techniques of Fertilizer during Magnolia cultivation

When Magnolia is in full bloom, the petals spread in all directions, making the courtyard blue and white, dazzling white light, with high ornamental value; coupled with bursts of fragrance, refreshing. Therefore, it is very popular with people, so there are many Magnolia potted plants raised at home, so what is the meaning of Magnolia fengshui? The following is to introduce the taboos of Magnolia indoors. Magnolia Magnolia …

After fertilization and flowering, topdressing can be applied once from May to June to facilitate the formation of flower buds, either with mature liquid fertilizer or compound fertilizer. In autumn, Magnolia should be properly applied with phosphorus and potassium fertilizer, such as potassium dihydrogen phosphate, potassium nitrate, plant ash and so on. The method of ring application can be used to make the branches and stems of Magnolia woody and improve its disease resistance and cold resistance. After the soil is thawed, the rotten organic fertilizer is applied to Magnolia every year as the base fertilizer, and the methods of ditch application, hole application and ring application can be adopted according to the situation.