How to promote the flowering of Magnolia

Published: 2024-07-13 Author: mysheen
Last Updated: 2024/07/13, How to promote the flowering of Magnolia

Gentleman orchid flowers are bright red and huge, at the same time, a flower arrow can often open a dozen red flowers, blooming into a big bouquet, very eye-catching. If we want to make the family potted magnolia bloom bigger and more beautiful red flowers in the full bloom of the New year, the maintenance and management after autumn is very important. So, what about.

Autumn temperature is relatively moderate, and ah, the temperature difference between day and night is also relatively large, gentleman orchid is the most suitable to restore growth in such a temperature environment. So it would be better to pour the basin and change the pot for the orchid. But when we pour the pot and change the pot, we can bury a white ball at the bottom of the pot.

And with this white ball, then the gentleman orchid will be able to pull out the arrow as scheduled, and the phenomenon of arrows will not occur in the flowering process, the flowers are not only large, but also more bright and colorful. The flowering effect of gentleman orchid depends to a large extent on the white ball we buried. And this powerful white ball is called Horseshoe.

Because the horseshoe is rich in phosphorus, and is the highest content of all stem vegetables, and phosphorus is a necessary nutrient for plant flowering. It is precisely because we buried some horseshoes in changing the pot and soil for the orchid, so we can provide the plant with rich phosphorus nutrients, so it can promote the flowering of the orchid.

When changing the basin and soil for the magnolia in autumn, first put a layer of larger particles of ceramsite on the bottom of the basin to improve the drainage and air permeability of the basin; then spread a layer of nutritious soil, and then mash the peeled and cleaned horseshoe fruit and bury it in the basin soil; then spread a layer of ceramsite with smaller particles. Finally, we can plant the Cymbidium plant according to the normal operation method.