Are orchids easy to grow? How to grow orchids?

Published: 2024-06-24 Author: mysheen
Last Updated: 2024/06/24, Are orchids easy to grow? How to grow orchids?

Orchid is noble, elegant pronoun, many people like to raise orchids, because it has a high ornamental value, but also can set off the grower's temperament cultivation, then how to raise orchids? Are orchids easy to grow? Next, I would like to introduce to you the cultivation of orchids.

Culture techniques of orchids:

1. Soil selection of Culture techniques of Orchid

Soil plays a vital role in the growth of orchids, so we must choose humus-based soil, using rotten leaf soil, orchid soil must be slightly acidic soil, more conducive to the growth of orchids.

two。 Fertilization methods for orchid culture techniques

Fertilization is an indispensable and important technique for planting orchids. The quality of fertilization directly affects the growth and even wilt of orchids. First

First, it is necessary to apply a certain amount of base fertilizer to the soil of orchids, and then there are two processes of topdressing in the later stage. The intensity of topdressing is a little less than that of other flowers, and foliar fertilizer and liquid fertilizer are the main fertilizers during topdressing. During the growth of orchids, 0.1% urea fertilizer, 0.2% potassium dihydrogen phosphate, 0.2% potassium dihydrogen phosphate should be applied every 15-20 days, and 0.2% ash water should be sprayed on the leaves during flowering.

Potassium dihydrogen phosphate to promote the development of orchids. Remember that orchids should not be fertilized with unripe agricultural machinery, otherwise orchids will rot.

3. Watering techniques for Orchid Culture

Orchids are drought-tolerant and wet-resistant plants, so each watering should be controlled, less watering, and less frequency.

4. Temperature of orchid culture technology

The growth temperature of orchids is 16-24 degrees. In the north, potted orchids should be put indoors below 5 degrees, otherwise the growth of orchids will be affected.

5. The Illumination of Orchid Culture Technology

Orchids are plants that are afraid of the sun, so pay attention to appropriate shading in sunny days and avoid direct sunlight on orchids.

6. The pot method of orchid culture

Orchids grow very slowly, in 1-2 years of flower discharge, we should pay attention to change the pot. When changing the basin, you should pay attention to padding stones at the bottom of the basin for convenience and drainage, and also pay attention to the filling method. You can shake the basin in the middle of the filling, so that the root is closely combined with the picture. After filling the soil, compact it with your hands, and pay attention to spraying water once in the morning and in the afternoon.