How to raise Dendrobium orchid, Dendrobium orchid culture methods and matters needing attention

Published: 2024-06-24 Author: mysheen
Last Updated: 2024/06/24, How to raise Dendrobium orchid, Dendrobium orchid culture methods and matters needing attention

It is generally said that people may know more about Dendrobium, and Dendrobium is a kind of Dendrobium, which exists in the form of rare orchids and is generally sought after by people who love orchids. Dendrobium and other Dendrobium grow in dangerous and steep places, so it is not easy to pick, so it appears that Dendrobium is very precious.

How to raise Dendrobium

Dendrobium is mainly distributed in tropical and subtropical Asia and likes warmth. Moist and semi-overcast environment, not resistant to cold. The most suitable temperature for growth is between 18 and 30 ℃. Dendrobium is not dry and afraid of stagnant water, especially when new buds begin to germinate to new roots form. But too wet, such as low temperature, it is easy to cause decay. More like the light, sufficient sunshine, good autumn flowering, a large number of flowers.

Culture methods and matters needing attention of Dendrobium orchid

I. Culture methods

1. Soil

To raise Dendrobium orchid, use loose and breathable soil. Peat moss and charcoal can be mixed as its culture soil. At the same time, you can put some tiles at the bottom of the basin, which will make its roots grow better.

2. Humidity

Dendrobium prefers humid environment and needs to sprinkle some water around it when it is especially hot. Only in this way can the humidity of the air increase, and be careful not to let water accumulate in the basin on a rainy day.

3. Temperature

It likes warmth, and it is usually best to keep the temperature at 15-28 ℃. The temperature difference between day and night is relatively large, because its growth and flowering will be affected if the temperature difference is very small.

4. Lighting

It is more like the semi-shaded environment, it should be shaded in spring and summer, and it should be covered more, about 60%, 70%. But we still need to give it more light in winter, so it can not hide the light, and if you want to cover it, it will only cover 20% and 30%.

5. Fertilization

It will be fertilized in the second year, twice a year, for the first time in April, and can be fermented and applied to the roots to help the buds grow better. The second time was in November, using the same method of fertilization.

II. Points for attention

1. Watering. There should be more water in spring and summer, and less watering after September.

2. Trim. Pay attention to observation at ordinary times, cut off old branches, sick and weak branches and branches that are too dense in time.

3. Change the basin. We have to change the basin in two or three years to give it better growth conditions.

Efficacy and function of Dendrobium

I. the function of Dendrobium

1. Syndrome of stomach yin deficiency and heat injury. Nourish stomach yin, invigorate body and quench thirst, and clear stomach heat. The main treatment of fever injury, thirst, tongue dry fur black syndrome, often used with Trichosanthes, fresh ground, Ophiopogon and other products, such as "seasonal disease theory" heat-clearing method. For the treatment of stomach heat and yin deficiency, epigastric pain, gingival swelling and pain, mouth and tongue sores can be used with Shengdi, Ophiopogon, Scutellaria baicalensis.

2. Kidney yin deficiency syndrome. It can nourish kidney yin and reduce deficiency fire. It is suitable for the syndrome of blurred eyes, weak muscles and bones, exuberant fire due to yin deficiency, bone steaming and fatigue. It is often used with Chinese wolfberry, cooked Rehmannia glutinosa, dodder and other products. Deficiency of kidney yin and impotence of muscles and bones are often used with cooked ground, Cornus officinalis, Eucommia ulmoides, Achyranthes bidentata and other products that tonify the liver and kidney and strengthen muscles and bones. Kidney deficiency and exuberant fire, bone steaming and fatigue, should be used together with Radix Rehmanniae, Chinese wolfberry, Phellodendron Phellodendri, Coptis chinensis and other products that nourish kidney yin and reduce deficiency heat.

Second, the efficacy of Dendrobium

Dendrobium is listed as the first of the nine immortal grass in China, which is called life-saving fairy grass in folk. The stem of Dendrobium can clear away heat, relieve pain, clear lung and moisten throat, and has a good effect of anti-fatigue and hypoxia tolerance.

The Flower language of Dendrobium

Dendrobium has a strong, peaceful and amiable temperament. Many countries send Dendrobium to Dendrobium as a flower on Father's Day, representing a kind of perseverance and courage. The flower language of Dendrobium is: auspicious, blessing, purity, welcome, happiness. The yellow Dendrobium orchid is a flower given to the father on Father's Day or father's birthday, implying the father's fortitude, kindness and dignity, and expressing a kind of respect for the father.

Orchid itself is a kind of species that needs to spend a lot of time and energy to take care of, especially Dendrobium, so we must pay attention to the ways and methods of culture. in addition, Dendrobium has many functions and functions of Dendrobium, in addition to being used for general ornamental purposes, we can also use it in other ways.