Tips on the cultivation of Cailan

Published: 2024-03-03 Author: mysheen
Last Updated: 2024/03/03, Tips on the cultivation of Cailan

Soil: it can be mixed with 65% humus soil, 20% net sand and 15% fine furnace ash, and the relative humidity of the soil should be about 40%. Fertilization: gentleman orchid should apply solid fertilizer once in winter, apply less nitrogen fertilizer, and apply more phosphorus fertilizer and potash fertilizer. Watering: can be every 20 days or so, combined with watering a fermented bean cake water, fresh fish water and horseshoe water. Heat preservation: the suitable temperature for the growth of Cymbidium in winter is 15-20 ℃, and the best temperature difference between day and night is about 10 ℃.