Problems needing attention in fertilization of potted flowers

Published: 2024-05-18 Author: mysheen
Last Updated: 2024/05/18, Problems needing attention in fertilization of potted flowers

① fertilizes according to different flowers and different growth periods, such as chrysanthemum should gradually increase the amount and concentration of fertilizer in the process of forming flower buds, gardenia, rhododendron, camellia, jasmine and other flowers and trees that like acid soil, can not apply alkaline fertilizer, such as nitric acid oil, ammonia and so on. Bulb flowers and flowers and trees that need to be re-pruned every year should be fertilized with more phosphorus and potash. It is necessary to apply overwintering fertilizer before frost and winter to improve the cold resistance of plants, before spring germination, to promote bud hypertrophy and sprouting quickly, to apply fertility fertilizer when spring shoots are about to ripen, to promote flower bud differentiation and pregnant seedlings to be full, to apply thin nutritional fertilizer after flowering, to restore tree potential and to promote re-flowering or fruit hanging, fertilizer and water should be controlled at full flowering stage and early fruit setting stage, otherwise it is easy to drop flowers and fruits, grow rapidly in seedling stage, and apply more nitrogen and potassium fertilizer before flowering and budding. More phosphate fertilizer should be applied.

② fertilization before loosening the soil, but also pay attention not to make fertilizer and water fall on leaves and buds, human feces and urine, calcium superphosphate, ammonium carbonate and other acidic fertilizer, can not be mixed with plant ash, ammonia and other alkaline fertilizer, avoid a single, nitrogen fertilizer and phosphorus, potassium fertilizer, can improve fertilizer efficiency, inorganic fertilizer and organic fertilizer combined application, can prolong fertilizer effect, but also can prevent basin soil consolidation, improve ventilation, water seepage, water conservation, fertilizer conservation and other performance.