What if some flowers don't blossom?

Published: 2024-04-25 Author: mysheen
Last Updated: 2024/04/25, What if some flowers don't blossom?

We often encounter the situation that some flowers do not bloom. What is the reason for this? How can this situation be improved? The editor will share it with you.

Variety selection: it is common that flowers do not blossom or bloom less due to improper variety selection. Because as long as those flower varieties that like to bloom are selected in advance for cultivation, this problem can be solved, so the phenomenon of fewer flowers blooming due to variety reasons can be avoided as long as adjustments are made.

Improper watering: a lot of cultivation experience shows that the micro-drying of pot soil is beneficial to the flowering of flowers. Especially for most cactus plants, it is beneficial to flower bud flowering after a period of drought before flowering. If you water too much at this stage, it is easy to cause flowers not to blossom.

Rational fertilization: the use of nitrogen fertilizer or too much fertilizer will affect the normal flowering of flowers. The use of nitrogen fertilizer alone often causes the branches and leaves of flowers to grow and hinders the normal flowering; too much fertilization is easy to damage the roots of flowers, which in turn affects the blooming of flowers.

Adjust the light: some flowers are sensitive to light, and it is difficult for them to blossom if they can't meet the light they need. For example, lotus flowers are blocked from blooming in the absence of light, while chrysanthemums are difficult to form flower buds when the sun is too long every day, and often flowers do not bloom.

Temperature discomfort: although flowers such as Fusang, jasmine and water lilies must blossom normally in a high temperature environment, flowers such as cloves, forsythia, plum blossoms and mountain peaches must go through a period of low temperature to blossom smoothly. Therefore, different temperature treatments should be given to different flowers to make them bloom more.

The reasons why flowers do not blossom are generally the above points. After reading the above, I believe that we also have some ways to deal with the non-flowering of flowers.