What should I pay attention to in orchid ramets?

Published: 2024-07-23 Author: mysheen
Last Updated: 2024/07/23, What should I pay attention to in orchid ramets?

Orchids rise to a certain extent can split, this is not only conducive to the growth of orchids, but also more flowers, orchids have what to pay attention to.

1. Appropriate dividing period of orchids.

If the orchid is produced smoothly, after a period of time, the roots of the plant will be very luxuriant, and even tangled and entangled in the basin. Therefore, it is necessary to split or change the basin. The time for ramet and basin change is in spring and autumn.

2. Attention method of orchid ramet

When dividing the big orchid basin, you should try to divide more than three into one pot. If you want to have flowers every year, you should divide the five with seedlings into one pot. As for the old plant, it is not appropriate to use 213 as a pot, otherwise it is impossible for each old plant to grow seedlings, it should be properly divided into one pot. Old plants without leaves should also be divided into two pots and wrapped in aquatic plants, waiting to sprout.

3. Orchid ramet sequence

(1) first hit the edge of the basin to relax the plant.

(2) carefully and gently pull out the orchid plant, do not pull out too hard.

(3) thoroughly remove the old plant materials, pay attention not to damage the Langen.

(4) the rotten root will be cut off with a used knife.

(5) divide it into appropriate number of plants and put coarse-grained plant into the bottom of the basin.

(6) it is stuffed with fine plant material, and care should be taken when inserting it.

(7) after the top is stuffed with fine planting material, the surface is covered with aquatic plants.

(8) cover the water plants and then water them with a shower head from top to bottom.

(9) after watering, put it for a while, and then put it on an adaptive orchid rack.