How to maintain the flowering period of Dendrobium

Published: 2024-05-28 Author: mysheen
Last Updated: 2024/05/28, How to maintain the flowering period of Dendrobium

Although Dendrobium also has certain medicinal value and health care effect, it is more ornamental than ordinary Dendrobium. Therefore, many families raise Dendrobium orchids in pots, not for medical treatment or health care, but for ornamental purposes. After all, potted Dendrobium is very beautiful during flowering. But we can not only focus on flowers, but also need to do a good job of flowering maintenance. So, what about.

In fact, pot cultivation of Dendrobium is very simple in the nursing room at flowering stage. Generally speaking, we only need to focus on two aspects of management to prolong the flowering period and make it blossom as good as ever. In order to maintain the florescence well, we usually need to do well in these two aspects:

I. the environment is good

Dendrobium prefers the semi-shady growth environment, so the flowering period can not be lack of light, but also can not be too strong. The flowering period of Dendrobium can usually last from January to June, but the light intensity is usually high in the second half of the flowering period, so it is necessary to ensure that the light in the conservation environment is sufficient and will not be exposed. Therefore, the flowering period should be placed in a place with sufficient scattered light for maintenance, and the light is too strong to shade in time.

Not only the light is very important, but also need to ensure good ventilation conditions in the maintenance environment. But the ventilation is good, not to put the potted plants in an obviously windy place, but to ensure that the maintenance environment is well ventilated with a little breeze. Even if there is no breeze, it is OK to put the potted plants in a spacious and unclosed environment.

2. Maintain moderation

Moderation is very important for Dendrobium, and it is also an indispensable maintenance condition for Dendrobium. Whether it is very common Dendrobium or Dendrobium orchid, they all like the wet maintenance environment very much. If the air is too dry, the plant will not only grow badly, but also affect its flowering effect. Therefore, the appropriate humidity is a very important condition for the growth and flowering of Dendrobium.

In addition to choosing the right location, we also need to spray and spray water frequently to moisturize, but not to spray water on the plant, which is in bloom after all. Spraying foliar water is easy to wet the flowers and affect the flowering effect, even in serious cases, it will cause the adverse consequences of falling flowers, rotten flowers and shortening the flowering period. Therefore, in general, we only need to spray and moisturize the space around the plant and the plant material in the basin.

Dendrobium in the flowering stage, there are not many aspects that need to be managed, usually we only need to do a good job of light and humidity management. And as long as these two aspects are well done, Dendrobium not only has a long flowering period, but also blossoms more brightly and brightly, and the ornamental value of the whole potted plant is very high, and this situation can even last for about half a year. Therefore, we can enjoy the beauty of Dendrobium in bloom.