How to clean the leaves of Cymbidium

Published: 2024-05-18 Author: mysheen
Last Updated: 2024/05/18, How to clean the leaves of Cymbidium

Many flower lovers like to plant magnolia in their families, and cleaning leaves is a very important part of the maintenance and management process. This is mainly because cleaning leaves for potted magnolia has three benefits:

First, cleaning the leaves of family potted magnolia can make it look cleaner and more beautiful.

Second, it can ensure that the leaves of Magnolia release a lot of oxygen, because Cymbidium is the indoor plant that releases the most oxygen of all green plants.

Third, if the weather is hot, using this method can achieve the effect of cooling the magnolia. Therefore, generally do not pour water on potted magnolia in summer, you can clean the leaves by wiping.

So, what about Jack? Today, the editor will share with you how to clean up the leaves of potted Magnolia.

First of all, we should prepare a basin of water and a clean rag, then drop two drops of edible vinegar into the water, and stir the vinegar-water mixture well.

Next, soak the rag in a mixture of vinegar water, then wring off the excess water on the rag to keep the rag soft and moist.

The next step is to wipe the leaves of potted magnolia with a wet dishcloth. In the process of wiping the leaves with a dishcloth, the action should be light, the wiping should be uniform, and more importantly, the front and back of the leaves should be cleaned together. At the same time, where the towel is, the palm of the hand should be held under the leaf.