The florescence control method of freesia, and how to control the florescence of freesia.

Published: 2024-05-21 Author: mysheen
Last Updated: 2024/05/21, The florescence control method of freesia, and how to control the florescence of freesia.

Freesia has a strange and beautiful shape and strong fragrance, and its florescence should be controlled during New Year's Day and Spring Festival. It is an excellent material for potted flowers and cut flowers. Let's take a look at the florescence control method of freesia in order to cultivate this flower species better.

The origin of freesia

Freesia is native to southern Africa. Sex prefers warm, humid and sunny environment, the suitable temperature for growth is 15-20 ℃, and 14-16 ℃ in winter, and the cold tolerance is weak.

Control method of florescence of freesia

Freesia florescence control is often used to change the planting period, adjust the temperature and sunshine length and other comprehensive measures: New Year's Day flowering, it is necessary to treat the bulbs at low temperature (13-15 ℃) from July to August for one week, break dormancy and keep 15-20 ℃ after planting. Spring Festival flowering, need to be one month before the Spring Festival, under the condition of 18-20 ℃.

Morphological and ornamental characteristics of freesia

Freesia, also known as fragrant snow orchid, evening fragrant king, is an autumn-planted bulbous flower belonging to the family Iridaceae. A thin film with conical bulbs with reticulation and dark red markings. Leaves linear, distichous alternate. Spiral Cymes, inflorescence axis extended or inclined, flowers erect, narrow funnel-shaped, flowers are bright yellow, pure white, pink, bright red, purple, blue purple and other colors, fragrant. Flowering in winter and spring. Horticulture is rich in varieties and has a variety of flower colors, including flower size, florescence, stem length and so on.