What are the techniques of promoting flowers in orchids?

Published: 2024-05-21 Author: mysheen
Last Updated: 2024/05/21, What are the techniques of promoting flowers in orchids?

Today, the editor is going to share the plant knowledge-related information with you. Next, I will introduce from the following aspects: the moral symbol of orchids, how to cultivate them.

If you want orchids to blossom quickly, first of all, when maintaining, you must pay special attention to temperature control. Generally, the temperature difference between day and night will be above 10 degrees.

Techniques for promoting flowering of orchids

To maintain orchids, be sure to let orchids grow in a humid environment, but when watering orchids, not too much or too little, too much will lead to lack of oxygen at the roots of orchids. If you want to promote flowers, you must control the temperature. If you want to control the temperature, the goal of promoting flowers will be achieved.

If there is no humid environment for orchids to grow, it is necessary to water orchids frequently to keep them humid, but do not overwater them, as it is easy to overwater, resulting in excessive growth of branches and leaves. If there is too much water in the basin, it will certainly not drain smoothly, so the orchids will rot at all, and sometimes even die.

Appropriate fertilization can also make orchids grow better, fertilizer can ensure that orchids have enough nutrients, if nutrients are sufficient, orchids will naturally grow well and flowers will bloom well.

Ensuring enough sunshine is also the skill of orchids to promote flowering. In fact, no matter what kind of flowers they are, they all like the sun, but do not often see light when the bud is formed.

Maintenance of orchids, proper pruning is also necessary, orchids have different florescence, but most of them are more than ten days, and some are longer, so we should prune orchids in time to make orchids grow better.

It is appropriate to urge the orchid to blossom for several months.

Due to the different varieties of orchids, the time of promoting flowers is also different, but orchids are usually in spring. People who raise orchids must pay attention to the good care of orchids this season.

If the orchid does not bloom, do not worry, it may be due to the growth age of the flower is not yet, or the variety of flowers, the growing season is different, so it does not blossom.

But it may also be due to improper cultivation methods, some people think that the more fertilizer, the better, but in fact this is not the case, fertilization is the same as watering, only the right amount is the best.

Orchid symbolizes beauty, nobility, patriotism, unswerving, etc., we should know that orchid is the gentleman of flowers, its quality is very noble, poets often praise it, and orchid is the mascot of love.

Orchids like good drainage, loose soil, and preferably slightly acidic, orchids do not like light very much, it is suitable for growing in a humid environment, but it needs sunlight scattering, if the strong light, the leaves of orchids will yellowing, or even withered, resulting in death.

If it is in the hot summer, we should give it shade, and in the first and middle of April, we should let the orchids be scattered by the sun. if in May, we can bask in all the time except at noon, and when we wait until October, we can open all the windows for maintenance.

Orchids are also water-loving plants, but they can not be watered too much, which can easily lead to stagnant water. Control the amount of water every time, and you can't water it frequently. If we water the flowers with tap water or Amoy rice water, we must water the orchids overnight. It is best to use Rain Water and spring water to water orchids.

In the three seasons of spring, summer and autumn, we'd better put orchids outdoors and choose places with good ventilation and humid environment.

The above is the moral symbol of the orchid sorted out by the editor, in fact, the orchid also symbolizes the Brotherhood, noble friendship, and now there are a lot of people planting orchids, because it has a high ornamental value.