Grasp the period of pesticide application of flowers to ensure their normal growth

Published: 2024-05-18 Author: mysheen
Last Updated: 2024/05/18, Grasp the period of pesticide application of flowers to ensure their normal growth

In the process of flower plant growth, correctly grasp the flower application period, not only can save pesticides, reduce costs, but also improve the efficacy of pesticides, control the harm caused by pests and diseases to seedlings, ensure the normal growth of flowers in the later stage, the best time for pesticide application of flower pests and diseases is introduced as follows:

1. Sensitive period of natural enemies. During the sensitive period of natural enemies to pesticides, pesticides should be used as little as possible or not to protect natural enemies.

2. Safety interval. Pesticide application period, should also be based on the pesticide safety use standards, grasp the application within the safe interval, so as to avoid pesticide residues exceeding the standard, causing adverse consequences.

3. Infected growth period. For crops, the susceptible growth period is the appropriate period for disease control, such as seedling stage is most susceptible to blight, seed dressing before sowing or spraying at seedling stage is very effective.

4. The feeding period of rats. From the effective control of rodent density, poison bait should be put in the rodent feeding stage and before a large number of breeding best. Many years of experiments have proved that the best effect of deratization is in spring, which is due to the exhaustion of winter food stored by rats and the corresponding high intake of poison bait.

5. The peak period of pests. For pests, the pest peak period can be egg incubation peak period, larval peak period and adult peak period, which period of application depends on the specific situation. In principle, it is necessary to master the living habits of pests, and carry out them at the stage when they are most likely to kill pests and effectively control their harm.

6. Weed sensitive period. Herbicide application should generally be mastered in the sensitive period of weeds. Weeds cultivated from seeds are generally sensitive to herbicides at the bud stage. Therefore, this period is often used as an appropriate period for weed control. When using broad-spectrum herbicides, such as glyphosate, gramoxone, etc., weeds are more sensitive in the vigorous growth period. If control in addition to spring grass, summer grass, weeds in the peak period of spraying the best.

7. Plant safety period. The safety of an agent to plants is a prerequisite for determining the appropriate period of application. For example, some flowers in the seedling stage of application, easy to make young leaves yellow dead; some flowers in the flowering period of application, easy to cause flowers to wither. Therefore, when applying pesticides, it is necessary to select the period when the plants have strong resistance to the pesticides to avoid causing plant phytotoxicity.