Matters needing attention in the maintenance of flowers in plum rain season

Published: 2024-06-24 Author: mysheen
Last Updated: 2024/06/24, Matters needing attention in the maintenance of flowers in plum rain season

The humidity in the rainy season is high, and some outdoor potted flowers are easy to have some diseases or rotten roots due to too much Rain Water.

For ground plants, it is necessary to drain water in time in the plum rain season to avoid the death of flowers caused by excessive soaking of Rain Water. Once flowers have rotten root diseases, they should be cut off in time, and fungicides can also be sprayed, paying special attention to powdery mildew, leaf rot, black pox and so on. In addition, weeds are easy to grow in the rainy season, so weeding should be done well.

For potted flowers, in the rainy season, the potted plants should be removed from the wind and rain, remove the pots, drain the soil, and avoid exposure to the sun after the rain.

Meiyu season due to high temperature and humidity is also a high incidence period of diseases and insect pests, such as red spiders, aphids, shell insects, etc., more common, can be sprayed with diluted omethoate, Meiyu weather flowers are also vulnerable to fungal diseases, such as rose may appear black spot, can be controlled with carbendazim.

At the same time, the Meiyu season is also a favorable condition for the growth of new leaves and seed reproduction of flowers, and the survival rate is high. In order to ensure the normal growth of flowers in the Meiyu season, the maintenance of flowers in the Meiyu season is particularly important.