What are the methods of watering flowers?

Published: 2024-06-16 Author: mysheen
Last Updated: 2024/06/16, What are the methods of watering flowers?

For watering flowers, we should also pay attention to certain methods. Here are four ways to water flowers.

First, the cushion basin watering method is contrary to the ordinary watering method, putting the flowerpot into a larger clear water basin to make the water wet the soil through the bottom of the basin, which is good for preventing soil consolidation and good for root development, but the salt in the soil will rise with the water. accumulate on the soil surface and basin edge, easy to damage the nearby rhizome. Therefore, the watering of potted flowers should be carried out alternately by the above two methods.

Second, the sand column watering method in the flower basin or change the basin, first insert several hollow bamboo tubes or metal tubes in the empty basin, then fill the soil and compaction, and then fill the empty pipe with coarse sand, pull out the empty pipe, and form a sand column in the basin. The number of sand pillars depends on the size of the flowerpot. In the future, only water is watered at the sand column, so that the water spreads evenly to the surrounding basin soil through the sand column. this method can avoid soil consolidation and has no side effects on plant growth.

Third, the slow watering method buries a cloth strip in the basin soil, soaks the other end of the cloth strip in a water basin close to the flowerpot, and the water can slowly moisten the soil through the cloth strip.

4. when the rope suction and watering method is used to put the flowers on the pot or change the pot, a water suction rope (fiberglass rope) is buried at the bottom of the flowerpot, so that the end of the rope is scattered at the bottom of the flowerpot, and the other end is protruded from the drain hole and placed in the cushion pot under the flowerpot. The flowerpot does not sit in the water of the cushion pot, but sits on the bracket, and the suction rope uses capillarity to absorb the water from the cushion pot to the flowerpot.