The efficacy and function of Clivia

Published: 2024-07-23 Author: mysheen
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Gentleman orchid as its name is like a modest gentleman, growing up is particularly attractive, no matter when it is blooming or not, it is a very good ornamental plant, many people like to raise a pot, its leaves are green, flowering clusters, attractive. However, when raising orchids, we will encounter a lot of unsatisfactory places, for example, the leaves of orchids turn yellow, but it is more common.

The gentleman orchid plant shape is dignified, the leaf arrangement is neat, the leaf color is greenish and moist, it is known to watch the flowers rather than appreciate the leaves, it is a kind of flowers that people like to breed very much. So do you know how to choose a gentleman orchid? Let's take a look at the selection skills of gentleman orchid with the editor. To evaluate the quality of Cymbidium varieties, its leaves account for a large proportion. So what are the characteristics of the leaves of the top-grade magnolia? 1. The leaves of the top-grade magnolia should be short and wide, with a length of between 9 cm and 12 cm, the ratio of length to width within 4:1, and some varieties can reach 2:1 or even 1:1, such as Henglan.

Cymbidium is a famous flower in everyone's mind, which is highly ornamental, and the flowers are bright, known as "auspicious flowers". Many friends only know that orchids have ornamental functions, but do orchids have other functions? The editor will introduce it to you.

Growth habits of Cymbidium

Magnolia is a perennial herb of the genus Amaryllidaceae. Its flowering period is as long as 30-50 days, mainly in winter and spring. New Year's Day also blooms before and after the Spring Festival. Avoid strong light, for semi-negative plants, like cool, avoid high temperature. The optimum temperature for growth was 15-25 ℃, and stopped growing when the temperature was lower than 5 ℃. Like thick, well-drained soil and moist, avoid dry environment.

The efficacy of gentleman orchid

It has the effects of analgesia, antihypertensive, cardiotonic, cooling, antiviral and anti-tumor. The use of the whole plant in medicine has a good auxiliary effect on cancer, hepatitis, cirrhotic ascites and other diseases.

The function of gentleman orchid

An adult magnolia can absorb 1 liter of air and release 80% oxygen in a day and night, and photosynthesis can occur in extremely weak light. It doesn't emit carbon dioxide at night. In a room of more than ten square meters, two or three pots of magnolia can absorb the indoor smoke. Especially in the cold winter in the north, because the doors and windows are closed and the indoor air is not ventilated, the gentleman orchid will play a good role in regulating the air. Keep the indoor air fresh.

1. Cymbidium has the function of absorbing carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen.

2. Cymbidium has the function of absorbing dust.

The Medicinal value of Magnolia

The lycopine extracted from the leaves and roots of Cymbidium not only has antiviral effect, but also has an effect.

The ornamental value of the orchid is also very high, and it is also one of the reasons why many flower friends love it. I hope this article can deepen the understanding of the flower friends.