What is the function of gentleman orchid?

Published: 2024-06-20 Author: mysheen
Last Updated: 2024/06/20, What is the function of gentleman orchid?

Gentleman orchid as its name is like a modest gentleman, growing up is particularly attractive, no matter when it is blooming or not, it is a very good ornamental plant, many people like to raise a pot, its leaves are green, flowering clusters, attractive. However, when raising orchids, we will encounter a lot of unsatisfactory places, for example, the leaves of orchids turn yellow, but it is more common.

The gentleman orchid plant shape is dignified, the leaf arrangement is neat, the leaf color is greenish and moist, it is known to watch the flowers rather than appreciate the leaves, it is a kind of flowers that people like to breed very much. So do you know how to choose a gentleman orchid? Let's take a look at the selection skills of gentleman orchid with the editor. To evaluate the quality of Cymbidium varieties, its leaves account for a large proportion. So what are the characteristics of the leaves of the top-grade magnolia? 1. The leaves of the top-grade magnolia should be short and wide, with a length of between 9 cm and 12 cm, the ratio of length to width within 4:1, and some varieties can reach 2:1 or even 1:1, such as Henglan.

Cymbidium is one of the flowers cultivated indoors, and many flower friends like to plant orchids, because they feel that the moral of orchids is very auspicious. in fact, we don't know much about the flower language of orchids. Let's listen to the editor explain it to you slowly.

The function of gentleman orchid:

First, the gentleman orchid has a high ornamental value

Second, the value of environmental protection

1. Magnolia has the function of absorbing carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen.

two。 The magnolia has the function of absorbing dust.

Third, medicinal value: the lycopine extracted from the leaves and roots of Cymbidium not only has antiviral effect, but also has effect.

The flower language of gentleman orchid is noble. The gentleman is modest, gentle and courteous, talented but not conceited, successful but not proud, living in the valley without inferiority.

The thick and smooth leaves of the gentleman orchid stand upright like a sword, symbolizing the noble character of being strong and resolute and unyielding; its plump flower appearance and gorgeous colors symbolize prosperity, prosperity and happiness.

Today, we all have a certain understanding of the role of orchids and the flower language of orchids. In fact, we can learn a lot from the cultivation of flowers. We can discuss it together.