Culture of potted flowers on family balcony in March

Published: 2024-06-20 Author: mysheen
Last Updated: 2024/06/20, Culture of potted flowers on family balcony in March

Many friends who live in the city want to plant some flowers and plants on their balconies. I would like to share them with you today.


In March, you can also take advantage of the potted flowers before leaving the room, first set up the doorway shelf of the potted flowers on the balcony, and choose the support point of the summer sunshade net. once the potted flowers come out of the room and encounter excessive sunlight, shading measures can be quickly put in place.

In March, we should also prepare the cultivation soil to change the basin and prepare all kinds of fertilizers and pesticides to meet the needs of planting flowers on the balcony in a year.

I. types of flowers suitable for balcony planting

The ornamental plants suitable for planting on the balcony are drought-tolerant plant species, which are proliferated on the surface of the body or stratum corneum, or are waxy, or the plants are fleshy and contain more juice, or the leaves are small, transformed into needling, with very little transpiration, or native to arid desert areas and can withstand wind and heat, so they are very resistant to drought. Such as iron tree, fairy cactus (yellow hair palm, mountain shadow boxing, green lock dragon, golden lily, big wheel column, Prajna, rat tail palm, coral tree), purslane, jade tree, stone flower, stone lotus, epiphyllum, arrow lotus, leaf fairy palm, longevity flower and so on. There are Chimonanthus, Yingchun, Lycoris, silver-bract taro, Guangdong Wanqing, hanging orchid and so on, these flowers are generally not watered in 2 to 3 weeks in spring, will not be killed, balcony planting is more appropriate.

There is also a kind of flowers that are more resistant to sun exposure and dry and hot wind, which can accept full light and can withstand abnormal high temperature for a short time, and are also suitable for potted plants on balconies (especially high-floor balconies). Such as pomegranate, rose, banyan, stick orchid, lobular privet, tequila, Zhu Dinghong, sparrow, oak, hammer elm, triangular maple, bayberry, black pine, juniper, juniper, cypress, wolfberry, holly, bauhinia, weeping spear, Birthday Bun with Bean Paste Filling, sunflower and so on.

In addition, jasmine, pearl orchid, five-needle pine, Milan, one-leaf orchid, bergamot, daidai, lemon, rubber tree, tortoise back bamboo, spring feather, camellia, goose palm wood, Nanyang fir, etc., can also be used as lower balcony potted plants, but water and shade management should be strengthened.

2. Propagation of potted flowers on balcony

Grass flowers suitable for balcony potted plants, such as a string of red, colorful peppers, winter coral, marigold, impatiens, petunia, etc., can be sown and raised in a shallow pot at this time.

If picked a small amount of asparagus, gentleman orchid seeds, wash clean, you can first sow seeds indoors, wait for outdoor temperature up to 15 ℃ or so, and then move to the outdoor balcony to cultivate.

Succulent plants such as arrow lotus, epiphyllum, Yushu, gemstone, stone lotus, purslane, coral tree, green lock dragon, etc., can be cut indoors with plain sand or clean sandy loam soil, and then moved to the balcony after spring return to heat.

Use large flowerpot gorgeous clothing loose sandy soil, or vermiculite, perlite as cutting substrate, in the indoor windowsill light cutting propagation of gardenia, upside down golden bell, Fusang, triangular plum, Luohansong, rose pomegranate, stick stem begonia, southern bamboo, Ruixiang, rich seeds and so on, but the pot mouth should be covered with plastic film to moisturize.

On the balcony, grafting five needles pine, Jinsong, plum blossom, Birthday Bun with Bean Paste Filling, red maple, wax plum and so on, should carry on bagging moisturizing, otherwise it is not easy to survive.

Third, the management of potted flowers on the balcony

1. Anti-cold

Most of the ornamental plant species suitable for balcony potted plants are still indoors in March. While taking measures such as heat preservation and cold protection, ventilation and light, the plants that need to be changed should be changed in time. Flowers and trees with strong resistance placed on the balcony should keep the potted soil from freezing. If the potted soil freezes and pulls out, it will not only affect the normal growth of the plant in that year, but also cause plant death in serious cases. It can be protected by building a shed on the spot or moving into the room or shed to protect against cold.

two。 Pruning

The stumps such as wax plum, wolfbone, holly, black pine, five-needle pine, Luohan pine, triangular maple, hammer elm, Finch plum, bayberry and lobular privet can be trimmed and reshaped, and the trunk and branches that need to be modeled can be fixed in March, and the plants that have not changed pots for 2 to 3 years can be changed soil; put bonsai on the balcony to keep the basin soil moist, watering every 3 to 5 days, and spray water appropriately. Plum blossom, spring welcome, Golden Bell, Chimonanthus, Birthday Bun with Bean Paste Filling, Camellia, etc., can carry out necessary shaping and pruning after flowering to promote a good plant shape, carry out a comprehensive cleaning of the plant, cut off the branches and leaves infected with diseases and insect pests, and destroy them; the dry cross section on the stump can be treated with stone sulfur mixture.

3. Preparatory facilities

If the conditions permit, you can also build a small pool on the balcony, support the hard board (prefabricated cement steel bar), use the humidity produced by the pool evaporation, and put some flowers that like the air moisture on it in summer, such as orchids, tortoise back leaves, hulks, cherubs, rich seeds, southern bamboos and so on. Among them, water storage is ideal for watering flowers.

I share the above points with you. I hope this article will be helpful to you. Good luck.