How to raise hydroponic flowers in winter?

Published: 2024-06-20 Author: mysheen
Last Updated: 2024/06/20, How to raise hydroponic flowers in winter?

As soon as winter enters, many plants also begin to hibernate. In fact, as long as some plants are well protected, they can still be alive. It is a good choice to cultivate hydroponic plants in winter. How can hydroponic plants survive the winter? How to make our hydroponic flowers safely through this winter?

How to raise hydroponic flowers in winter.

5 ℃ is the temperature that most plants can withstand, plants will also enter the hibernating period, and there is heating supply in the north, so don't worry, the southern cities have more than 5 ℃ indoors, so the problem is not too big.

However, just in case, we should pay attention to the heat preservation of hydroponic plants in winter. if hydroponic plants are preserved in winter, the central idea is to keep warm and humid. we ask Mr. Huang, who is trained in hydroponic flowers and plants, with the following specific methods:

1. Hydroponic plants should be placed in the leeward position as far as possible to avoid the north wind blowing directly.

2. Strengthen the light. During the day, it should be placed in the direction where there is plenty of sunshine or scattered light as far as possible, such as the room facing south or the window, should receive as much sunlight as possible, but should avoid direct sunlight during the external time of the room, and avoid the air leakage of the window. in case the cold wind blows. If the indoor temperature is less than 5 degrees at night, you must cover the flowers from top to bottom with a thick transparent plastic bag to keep warm and humid. 2-3 small holes should be opened on the plastic bag to facilitate ventilation. To ensure that the flowers survive the severe cold.

3. Control water and fertilizer. In winter, due to low temperature, most plants have entered dormancy or semi-dormancy period, when the metabolic activity is extremely slow, requiring very little water and fertilizer. Therefore, in addition to lowering the water level to 1 / 3 of the root system, the use of nutritious water should be stopped, otherwise the roots and leaves will rot easily, or even the whole plant will die. (unless your hydroponic plants are raised in an air-conditioned room that can be kept above 15 degrees for a long time, they can be maintained according to normal maintenance procedures. When changing water, you should also pay attention to the temperature difference of the water. The fresh tap water should be kept indoors or in the sun for one day until the chlorine escapes, and the water temperature is consistent with the room temperature before use. If the difference between the water temperature and room temperature is more than 10 degrees, it is easy to hurt the roots and fallen leaves.

4. Humidification and dustproof. Indoor air is dry in winter, especially in air-conditioned rooms. Dry air can easily cause dry tips or scorched edges of flower leaves that like moist air. Therefore, branches and leaves should often be sprayed with water close to room temperature during overwintering to increase air humidity. For foliage plants, you can also take a beer, mix it with water 5 times and spray it on both sides of the plant leaves, about once every half a month. It can make the leaves green and bright, thicken the leaves and improve the ornamental value.

It should be pointed out that plants are actually the same as human beings, and the temperature at which the human body feels comfortable is also suitable for plants. So please use your own feelings to understand the feelings of your plants.