How to cultivate the flowers on the balcony?

Published: 2024-06-20 Author: mysheen
Last Updated: 2024/06/20, How to cultivate the flowers on the balcony?

How to cultivate the flowers on the balcony.

Now, planting flowers on the balcony has become a fashion in our life. If there is no planting trough, specially arrange a place to grow flowers, or make a flower pot rack by yourself, which can be divided into several layers, with light-loving plants in the upper layer and shade-tolerant flowers in the lower layer. You can also extend a board to the balcony and fix it with steel bar or angle iron. Baffles or fences should be set around the board to prevent flowerpots from falling, and several hooks can also be set up on the balcony and eaves to install flowerpots into flower baskets made of rattan, bamboo or wicker. This method uses the space, does not occupy the balcony use area, not only plays the three-dimensional greening fruit, but also very beautiful. For some hanging balcony facilities, be sure to check regularly to ensure safety. The planting trough can be made of wood, etc., and the flowers can be caught directly in the trough. The groove can also hang out toward the place. On the balcony can build a small scaffolding, plant climbing plants, such as pineapple, lead, etc., can block the summer sun exposure, but also beautify, green balcony.

There are many differences between growing flowers on the balcony and planting flowers in the courtyard on the ground. In order to raise them well, we must pay attention to the following points:

1. Light

It is the orientation of the balcony that affects the balcony lighting. Planting those flowers and trees on the balcony is better, according to the orientation of the balcony, as well as the local climatic conditions, the habits of flower varieties to decide.

South-facing balcony, strong light, plant heat absorption, transpiration is also large, it is appropriate to plant sunny and drought-resistant flowers. Such as succulent plant cactus, cactus, gemstone flowers and so on. It is also like Petunia and Clematis. Scutellaria barbata, night incense, rose, pomegranate, June snow, a string of red, iron tree and so on.

The north balcony includes Zaolang, because there is no direct sunlight, it is not suitable to plant sunny flowers, only Yin and neutral flowers can be planted. Such as the four seasons begonia, asparagus, Tianmen winter, hanging bamboo plum. Duck foot grass, tortoise back, hanging orchid, ivy and so on.

two。 Water and temperature

The balcony is well ventilated and the air is dry, so watering is the key. Pay attention to watering and spraying water to the leaves and the ground. The flowerpot should be large, because the soil is divided, the water is stored, and it is not easy to dry, or put the flowerpot into a shallow water basin, and the water can be supplied continuously because of the capillary appointment. You can also put a basin of water around the potted flowers to make them evaporate naturally and improve the local microclimate. The potted flowers on the balcony should pay attention to the appropriate density, slightly denser, because more potted flowers can evaporate water together to increase the humidity of the surrounding air.

3. Temperature

The balcony is generally the floor and walls of cement, when the sun shines, due to the reflection of cement, the temperature rises, especially toward the west balcony, when the sun is partial in the afternoon, the balcony is full of sunshine and the temperature rises obviously, this kind of radiation is disadvantageous to growth, therefore, water can be sprinkled on the balcony, and some heat can be brought when the water evaporates.

4. Wind blowing

Wind is flowing air, and plants need this kind of environment to grow. However, too strong wind is often harmful to plants. When the wind is too strong. The windproof plate can be installed appropriately.