Culture methods and techniques of Tiger skin Orchid

Published: 2024-07-13 Author: mysheen
Last Updated: 2024/07/13, Culture methods and techniques of Tiger skin Orchid

Tiger skin orchid is a beautiful foliage plant, it not only has a beautiful appearance, but also can purify the air and absorb a variety of harmful gases in the air, but when many people raise tiger skin orchids, they always die after a short time, especially annoying. In fact, the emergence of this situation is mostly related to everyone's breeding methods, and then I will write out the correct breeding methods of Tiger Pilan. Friends who like to grow flowers, come and learn it.

The Culture method of Tiger skin Orchid

1. The soil and sunshine of Tiger Pilan

When the orchid is cultivated in the flowerpot, it can be mixed with rotten leaf soil and garden soil, and then add an appropriate amount of humus. After adjusting the soil, it can be cultivated directly, and then irrigated with enough water after planting. Tiger Pilan likes to grow in sunny conditions, but in the hottest summer, you should also avoid direct sunlight, otherwise its leaves will turn yellow, other seasons can put Tiger Pilan directly under the sun.

2. Water management of tiger skin orchid.

Tiger skin orchid has different needs for water in different seasons. Every spring, tiger skin orchid is in the peak season of growth, so the water supply should be increased appropriately to keep the soil in the flowerpot moist, while the temperature rises in summer, evaporation increases, and more water should be watered, but the amount of water should be reduced after autumn, and the basin soil should be kept relatively dry after entering winter. Only in this way can Hu Pilan survive the winter safely.

3. Fertilizer management of tiger skin orchid.

Tiger skin orchid does not have a high requirement for fertilizer, and when it is in the peak growing season, it should be added twice to make the leaves of tiger skin orchid green and thick. at other times, some legume fertilizer can be added appropriately to tiger skin orchid, which is particularly beneficial to the growth of tiger skin orchid roots. in addition, we should also pay attention to maintain the water permeability of tiger skin orchid, so that it can not have stagnant water during its growth.