White orchid family pot culture method, can white orchid be put in the indoor bedroom

Published: 2024-06-20 Author: mysheen
Last Updated: 2024/06/20, White orchid family pot culture method, can white orchid be put in the indoor bedroom

White orchids are common in the south, a very beautiful flower tree, which can be seen in parks or roadsides. White orchid flowers are milky white, particularly beautiful, but also accompanied by waves of pleasant floral. So white orchids can be cultured as potted at home? Let's learn how to cultivate white orchid potted plants together with Xiaobian.

White orchid family pot culture method

1. Selection of flowerpot and soil: family potted white orchids should be cultivated in loose, breathable and humus-rich soil. Usually choose a good permeability earthen basin, purple sand basin (jar) or plastic basin with more bottom holes. The soil in the basin should have a certain amount of granular soil of different sizes to facilitate water seepage and ventilation.

2. Operation method of changing pots: according to the crown size of white orchids and the age of the trees, replace the pots and vats of appropriate size to facilitate the vigorous growth of plants. When operating, you should wait for the basin soil to dry slightly, tilt the basin (jar) slowly (or upside down), hold the basin with one hand, grasp the plant with the other hand, pour out the white orchid and move it into the new basin. A small amount of loose soil should be placed in the new pot (jar) in advance, and then water should be poured thoroughly to stabilize the planting.

3. Planting location: From March to April of each year, the pots and vats planted with white orchids will be removed outdoors and placed in a sunny place. Summer temperature is high, should choose sunshade net or put up a simple shade, make white orchid can shine to the sun in the morning, can avoid summer afternoon bright light (avoid because of insolation and burn branch, leaf).

4, pruning: potted white orchids to choose the appropriate height, with scissors to cut off the terminal buds and cut short parts of the lateral branches. After the terminal buds are cut off, it is beneficial to have more lateral branches and more buds.

Fertilization: In the vigorous period of white orchid growth (usually May or July and August of each year), flower fertilizer should be applied to white orchids every half month or so, or a little nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium compound fertilizer should be applied at about 20, 2 grams to 6 grams each time. The specific operation is: first use a small shovel to draw a few vertical and horizontal ditches in the soil in the basin, then slowly sprinkle fertilizer into the ditch, cover it with topsoil in the basin, and irrigate with water. Make fertilizer gradually penetrate into the roots of plants with each watering. Do not spread fertilizer directly to the roots to avoid burning roots due to excessive fertilizer efficiency of the soil around the roots. Thin fertilizer and frequent application, cake fertilizer is good, no fertilizer in winter, fertilizer irrigation every 3-4 days from the beginning of sprouting to June, fertilizer irrigation every 5-6 days from July to September, fertilizer application should be stopped once after several fertilizer applications.

Can white orchids be kept in the bedroom?

White orchids have a large aroma, stimulate nerves, cause excitement, and affect sleep. It is best not to put them in the bedroom. Moreover, Bai Lanxi has sufficient light and good ventilation. Bedroom illumination is insufficient, not suitable to raise Bai Lan.

How to water white orchids

Spring is the germination period of white orchids, watering can be carried out once every 2-3 days to ensure that the pot soil is moist;

Summer is the vigorous period of white orchid growth, watering should be carried out once a day in the morning and evening, but in heavy rain or continuous rainy weather, the accumulated water in the basin should be treated in time;

The transpiration of plants begins to decrease in autumn, and the evaporation of water decreases. At this time, the watering amount should be determined according to the specific dry and wet conditions of the pot soil. When the surface of the pot soil turns white, it indicates that watering is needed. Usually, watering can be carried out once every 5 days.

White orchids in winter have very little demand for water. It is necessary to prevent the excessive wetting of the pot soil and the formation of accumulated water. If there is accumulated water at the root, there will be redness of flowers and leaves and browning of technical tips. The accumulated water should be poured out as soon as possible, and the loosening and ventilation should be strengthened. Usually, watering should be carried out once every 10 days or so to keep the pot soil slightly wet.

When do white flowers bloom?

It usually blooms in summer and autumn each year, and the more southward its geographical location is, the earlier it blooms. If it is planted in Shenzhen, you can see its flowers in midsummer. It blooms for a long time and can even last for a month. In daily life, be careful not to plant it in too wet a depression. If it is not dry, do not artificially water it. Fertilization should also be moderate.

Many people like to cultivate a variety of potted plants at home, in fact, small editor to remind you love flowers and cherish flowers friends, although the general plants have a certain effect of purifying the air, but there are also many plants in life can not be cultivated indoors Oh.