What are the common aquatic flowers

Published: 2024-06-16 Author: mysheen
Last Updated: 2024/06/16, What are the common aquatic flowers

Aquatic flowers often refer to flowers and plants that are suitable for growing in water or stagnant water. It is obvious that such plants have strong resistance to water and waterlogging, and generally do not show poor growth or death because of excessive water. On the contrary, because of the high degree of dependence on water, they can keep good growth, even blossom and bear seeds, and also have a certain ornamental. So, what are the common aquatic flowers and plants?

In China, there are many kinds of aquatic flowers and plants, even more than 150 species, and most of our common aquatic flowers and plants which are suitable for pot cultivation and have certain ornamental value are represented by lotus, water lily, bowl lotus, calamus and so on. Some people compare aquatic flowers and plants to excellent divers or swimmers. It can be seen that water plays an important role in maintaining its normal growth.

Lotus is one of our most common aquatic flowers and plants, which can often be seen in parks or in rural rivers and ponds, and we can see them every time we bloom. The leaves of this flower plant are round and large, and the flowers are fresh, elegant, elegant and unstained. They are flower fairies blooming in summer.

Lotus is a treasure all over the body, not only for viewing, but also for food and medicine to cure diseases. It has been one of the top ten famous flowers in China since ancient times. Lotus has a record of planting and cultivation as early as the Zhou Dynasty in ancient China, and it is produced in the temperate environment. The flowering period is usually in summer every year, and it can bloom from June to September. The lotus leaves can't be seen as green next day, and the bright red lotus in the sun is the best portrayal of it.

Water lilies and lotus flowers also have similar characteristics, both like to live in water. The leaf is slightly round and heart-shaped, floating on the water surface and close to the water surface. However, when water lilies bloom, they bloom white during the day, but their petals are closed at night, just like people move during the day and sleep at night, so they are called water lilies. The huge green leaves and white flowers set off each other, and they are planted in clear and transparent water, which is of great ornamental value.

However, both lotus and water lilies prefer an aquatic environment with plenty of light and smooth ventilation, and the midsummer season of each year is when they shine brilliantly, especially the large and beautiful flowers, which often attract many people to stop and watch. However, after summer, they will gradually wither and wither, and they will shine again when the four seasons are ripe next year.