How to save flowers from drug damage?

Published: 2024-06-16 Author: mysheen
Last Updated: 2024/06/16, How to save flowers from drug damage?

How to save flowers from drug damage.

There are three kinds of emergency measures for flowers to be injured by drugs, as follows:

If you spray the wrong medicine, you should immediately spray a large amount of water to wash the plant; if you use the wrong soil treatment agent, you can save it by alternating irrigation and drainage, and apply quick-acting fertilizer after washing to promote the recovery of the damaged plant.

If there is a mistake in the use of medicine and it is found in time, the neutralization of the opposite sex can be carried out after washing under the guidance of scientific and technological personnel who understand pharmacology. That is, the drug damage caused by acid pesticides can be neutralized by alkaline pesticides.

Spraying method broad-leaved flowers and plants misuse dimethyltetrachloride herbicide, the leaves become white, can use 50% sodium humate granules, first dissolve with a little water, and then spray the water into 500 times liquid, spray plant by plant, and the leaves can gradually restore their function after 5 days.

I. symptoms of drug damage to flowers and plants

1. Acute drug damage. The drug damage occurs quickly and the symptoms are obvious, such as spot, focus or withering on the leaves, spots, deformities, smaller fruit, falling fruit, scorched petals, falling buds, slow growth of the plant, or even death of the whole plant.

two。 Chronic drug damage. The symptoms are not obvious and it is not easy to judge in a short time. The general performance is dysplasia, leaf loss of luster, delayed flowering, small and few flowers, lighter flowers and fruits, very similar to the symptoms of lack of nutrition.