Causes of yellowing of leaves of potted flowers

Published: 2024-06-16 Author: mysheen
Last Updated: 2024/06/16, Causes of yellowing of leaves of potted flowers

There are many reasons for the yellowing of leaves of potted flowers. The main reasons are as follows:

Water drought and waterlogging lead to leaf yellow: flowers lack of water and leaf color is dry yellow; too much water is easy to make flowers rot roots, so that flowers can not absorb water and fertilizer, leaf yellow finally fall off to death.

Light exposure to leaf yellow: if the sun is strongly exposed, it will burn the flowers and leaves and turn them yellow.

Leaf yellow caused by excessive fertilizer and lack of fertilizer: heavy fertilizer is applied too much to burn the roots, so that they can not absorb water, and the leaves become withered and fall. Similarly, the flowers and leaves are yellow and thin, and the branches are slender and tender.

Alkali soaking leaf yellow: due to long-term watering of potted flowers, saline alkali is accumulated in the basin. In severe cases, there is an alkaline shell on the potted soil, which makes the flowers and leaves fall off. In particular, soil and water in the north contain alkali. The method is to replace the new soil or neutralize the ferrous sulfate solution.

Acidity and lack of acid lead to leaf yellow: some flowers like acidity, if the PH value is more than 7, the veins of the new leaves turn yellow at first, the edges of the old leaves wither and finally wither and die.

The leaf yellow caused by the small pot container: the plant has many roots and needs more water and fertilizer, and the small pot can not meet the needs of flower growth. The old leaves of the plant show dry yellow but no luster, and even the young leaves turn yellow.

Cold wind and low temperature lead to leaf yellow: if flowers come out of the room too early in spring, they are easy to catch cold and wind, freezing flowers and turning leaves yellow.

Diseases and insect pests leaf yellow: such as powdery mildew, brown spot, make the leaves yellow and withered. For example, whitefly, red spider and mites absorb nutrients and water on the back of the leaves, which can also cause the leaves to wither and yellow.