How to prepare the plant material of Cymbidium

Published: 2024-04-25 Author: mysheen
Last Updated: 2024/04/25, How to prepare the plant material of Cymbidium

Magnolia is a popular flower plant, which is very suitable for ornamental pot cultivation because of its large and beautiful flowers and leaves. This can not only be used for appreciation, but also can decorate and beautify the environment, but also improve the indoor air, so family potted orchids are very practical.

But potted cultivation of flowers and plants, first of all need to cultivate their roots, and the key to root cultivation is to prepare high-quality pot soil, after all, pot soil is the material basis for the cultivation of flowers and plants. Considering that the root system of Cymbidium is fleshy root, so the basin soil is required to be loose and permeable. So, what about.

In fact, we can use coconut bran and pine needles to prepare plant materials for Magnolia, which can ensure the looseness and air permeability of the basin soil, and at the same time make the plants slightly acidic, which is more conducive to the growth of this acidophilic plant. However, the use of these two as the planting material of Cymbidium must master a good method, otherwise it may be counterproductive.

First of all, before using these two kinds of plant materials as mixed matrix to raise Magnolia, they must be sterilized and disinfected in advance. It can be soaked in an aqueous solution made of pesticides, and then exposed to the sun for a few days. In this way, you can kill the eggs and harmful bacteria hidden in the plant, and then it can be used to grow orchids.

In addition to sterilization and disinfection of the plant, additional treatment of the substrate is required. Because coconut bran is almost all formed by breaking coconut bricks, it should be soaked before use to fully absorb water before it can be completely dispersed and become soft and breathable. And it can also avoid swelling after watering. Usually we soak for one night and can use it the next day.

Before using the pine needle, it must be fully fermented and mature before it can be used as a plant material. Because if the unfermented pine needle is directly used as the plant material, the pine needle will slowly ferment in the basin and release a large amount of heat, thus burning out the weak root system of the magnolia. If you collect pine needles from the wild, be sure to smell them first. If you can't smell it, it's usually weathered and fermented and can be used directly.

As long as we use coconut bran and pine needle correctly and mix them into a mixed substrate to raise magnolia according to the appropriate proportion, then the orchid must grow vigorously and bloom more and brightly. And the mixed matrix of coconut bran and pine needle prepared according to the above method is not only loose and permeable, but also nutritious, so it is very suitable for the growth of Cymbidium, so it is difficult not to raise it well.